Thursday, November 28, 2013

Adam Lanza Playing DDR - Who Shot The Video?

I have received a tip that the supposed video of Adam Lanza playing Dance Dance Revolution in the AMC theater in Danbury,CT in June of 2012 was indeed originally published on Facebook by a local high school kid by the name of Jimmy Oates. It was originally posted on June, 2 2012.

You can view the original post on Jimmy Oates Facebook HERE.


  1. I wouldn't give a penny's worth of credence to that video.

  2. The kid playing DDR looks too short to have been Adam Lanza. We know the dimensions of a DDR machine (depends on the version, maybe, but roughly: Monitor Cabinet: H: 88″, W: 48″, D: 30″ Dance Floor: H: 48″, W: 70″, D: 43″). If you pause the DDR video at certain times when he is standing essentially upright, and compare his height to the width of the dance floor (70", i.e. 5' 10"), you can see that this kid dancing is NOT 5'10" or 6'0", as Adam Lanza allegedly was.