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My Theory On What Happened at Sandy Hook Part I

My Theory On What Happened at Sandy Hook Part I

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."

There is a reason that we have very little information on the Lanza's.... You wonder why there are no photographs of them as a family? .... There is a very logical explanation for this....

First, I am going to post a few questions.... Then, through the theory, I am going to attempt to ANSWER these questions.

  1. Why are there no family photos?
  2. Why is there no information on Ryan and Adam's past?
  3. Why are there no yearbook photos of Adam?
  4. Why is the BMW included in the sealed warrants?
  5. Why did Adam have Ryan's ID?
  6. How did the police know to go to Nancy Lanza's house so fast?
  7. Why are there Men in Black at Sandy Hook?
  8. What is the significance of the "nuns?"
  9. Why do the parents show very little emotion?
  10. What is the Greenberg connection?
  11. Why do we have so many false reports from the media?
  12. Why do the people of SH not demand the truth?
  13. Why are all of the Honda doors left open?
  14. Why do the children seem so calm in the interviews?
  15. Why did Nancy Lanza have such powerful guns?
  16. Why have Peter and Ryan disappeared?

Nancy Lanza went on a vacation to the Omni Mount Washington Resort in New Hampshire. She checked into the luxury resort at 12:10 pm Tuesday, December 11 following a five-hour drive from Newtown, Connecticut. She stayed there for three days, and checked out on Thursday, December 13 at 12:27 pm, the day before the massacre.

It was Wednesday night, Dec. 12, 2012, 36 hours before the rampage. She sent a Facebook message from the fancy dining room to friend, John Bergquist. In it, Lanza describes how she is dining next to a finely dressed couple — with tattoos poking out of their evening wear.

"A shimmery evening dress looks less formal with daggers and skulls peeking out," Lanza wrote to Bergquist. "Be forewarned," she added as a joke, "tattoo girl has talked me into a dragon tattoo."

So Nancy was indeed having a conversation with this couple. I think that this couple is directly involved in the events of 12/14/12.

Peter Lanza works in the financial tax sector and has been involved in various high profile dealings. It is MY theory that Peter Lanza became involved in some rather hush-hush dealings and had inside information in regards to certain clientele.

It is MY theory that the Lanza's were all placed in witness protection. They were given new identities and had all of their personal possessions removed. Their entire history was erased. In regards to the time frame of this happening, I am not sure yet.

I believe that Peter and Nancy were forced to split up during this time and each were given new back stories. Peter was placed with a new wife. His new wife was also working with the protection program.

This would explain her lack of social outings as well. They were forced to "lay low" to avoid anyone compromising their facade.

This would also explain why Peter Lanza and his new wife seem to have vanished off the face of the earth. His location and identity has been compromised.

It is my belief that Nancy and Peter would occasionally meet up at some secluded locations. This would explain Nancy's various vacations each to a different location for days at a time.

Adam and Ryan were both instructed to lay low as well. This would explain Adam's lack of social skills. This would also explain why Adam had no yearbook photos taken.

Nancy Lanza, being estranged from Peter, was in constant fear for her safety. This would explain why she had such an interest in guns. Just wait..... This part gets better.....

Mark Tambascio, owner of the My Place Pizza & Restaurant in Newtown, which Nancy Lanza frequented, and a friend of hers since 1999, said a retired police officer instructed Nancy in the use of her firearms. How convenient.... Of course it would be an ex law enforcement officer that is now employed with the witness protection service.

Back to the spa..............

I believe that Nancy was followed to the spa and the couple she was having dinner conversation with, were sent there to confront her. She was obviously close enough to have conversation. I believe she was later approached by these two individuals and was either drugged or kidnapped. She was then placed in her BMW and the couple drove back to her house with her in the car. I believe that the car does indeed contain some sort of physical evidence pointing to these two individuals. Remember that her BMW has automatic seats that remember your settings.... I believe that these settings were changed to facilitate a more comfortable position for a different driver. This is just one of many possible clues to the BMW being driven by someone besides Nancy.

I believe this couple then gained entry to the house and forced Adam to destroy his harddrive in fear for his mothers life. Adam was VERY close to his mother and being in the protection program, he knew that he was dealing with some very serious individuals. He was willing to do ANYTHING to protect his mother.

Nancy was having a hard time being separated from Ryan and Peter so she kept the only photograph she could get ahold of without the witness protection people knowing.... His drivers license. It would be very easy for Ryan to slip it to her in one of their casual meetings. She would keep the drivers license in plain view so she could see her other son as often as she wanted.

Adam knew how much his mother loved Ryan and the drivers license.... Her also knew that if this couple somehow found THEM, that they could also be looking for Ryan as well. Adam had an opportunity to grab the ID and hide it in order to avoid these people finding it and trying to get to Ryan. Adam grabbed the ID and put it in his pocket. TA-DA!!!!

I believe that they gathered the weapons and forced Adam to get in the black Honda. At this point, I believe one of them took the opportunity to kill Nancy. They used the .22 to avoid it being very loud.

At this point, Adam still believed his mother was still alive and he was following their orders.

The couple then forced Adam to drive to the school in the black Honda with them in the car as well.

Why was Sandy Hook Elementary chosen?...... Do you need another RED pill or are you still ok?

Newtown is a haven for people in the witness relocation program. That is why they cannot come public against the reports. They are still in hiding.

Sandy Hook Elementary has absolutely NO web presence prior to 12/14/12. It is MY theory that Sandy Hook Elementary was used extensively by people in the witness protection program as a "safe haven". I think the teachers were aware as well. I believe the teachers also worked for the witness protection program. I think they modified what a "normal" school day would be into something of their own liking. It has been reported that these kids had various types of security drills every month. No normal school does this. These kids were taught how to hide because the program wanted to ensure their safety.

I think they encouraged the children to actually spend their recess time in the interior courtyard for their own protection. That would explain the poor upkeep and lack of playground equipment. These kids only knew this one school so why would they question it?

This school was located down a long road away from prying eyes. It was very well secluded. This would be a perfect location for school kids not wanting to be seen.

There are children in the school whose families have been relocated for various reasons. While most of the children were more than likely just regular students, I believe that a few of them were indeed part of the program. These children were also targeted by the two individuals. Why?....... I believe that someone on the "inside" of the program leaked some very vital information to someone and these children also became targets. I am not sure what roles they all played. But I believe that some of the children who were killed were children belonging to others in protection. These would be the families that have not come forward to do any interviews.

The families that HAVE come forward are unaware of the program and it's participants. These families were unfortunately just collateral damage. It would have been too obvious to just kill the children of known witnesses.

I'm not sure if all of the witnesses were connected to the same Lanza dealing or not.

I believe that these people were dressed as clergy and they were indeed either buzzed into the front door with Adam by their side or they got there a lot earlier than is reported. (more on this later) Adam was drugged and was very lethargic. They had to open the back doors of the Honda in order to drag him out of the car. The clothes they were wearing prior to changing into the clergy outfits were in the backseat and got pulled out of the car along with Adam. After they were buzzed in, they said they needed help with this young man. At this point, the principal came out of the conference room to find out what the problem was. This is when the individuals shot her.

One of them then took Adam and went for the office in order to turn on the intercom to create confusion. This is when the school nurse saw the feet of someone.

They were able to get the intercom turned on and they then proceed to head for the exact classroom that they KNEW would be unlocked...... You may ask yourself.... How did they KNOW that particular room would be unlocked...... Well here we go down the rabbit hole....

The janitor on duty that day was Rick Thorne. He was the night janitor for the school. Why they needed a night janitor such a small school has me baffled. He was filling in for the normal janitor, Kevin J. Anzelloti. How convenient....

Mr. Thorne had keys and access to the entire school. The doors were all on magnetic key locks. This has been reported by parents. It has been widely reported that Mr. Thorne was running form classroom to classroom banging on the doors to "warn" the teachers that there was a shooter inside..... I believe that Mr. Thorne, who also works for the program, was in fact, locking each door with the magnetic key and not really warning anyone.

He locked all of the doors except for the one that lead to the target(s). This would also explain why he himself was not harmed.

(We will get back to Mr. Thorne a little later)

These individuals went straight to the room that they knew housed their target(s). They popped a few cans of smoke and opened the door. They then pushed Adam into the room and shot him in the head. The kids only saw Adam because the other two were hidden by the smoke.

This would explain why some of the kids identified Adam.

These people then proceeded to look for their target(s) by asking Miss Soto which student ******* was.... She refused to answer because she was also employed by the protection program. They knew they had very limited time and in order to make sure they actually got their target, they systematically executed every student in the class.

This would also explain how they were so efficient and were able to kill 20+ in such a short time frame. There were TWO of them shooting.

After each student was believed to have been killed, they retreated out the side of the school and into a waiting van they had already parked on the other side of the hill. They did not go out via Dickenson because that would take them by the firehouse. They just vanished. But not before someone saw them getting into the van.

Now..... Back to Mr. Thorne......

Rick Thorne was the one that is reported to have made the first call to 911. This call was placed at 9:41.

I am leaning towards the fact that this entire event was over way before that. I think Mr. Thorne waited until the shooters were long gone before making any calls. This might explain how they got in. The doors did not lock until 9:30. Perhaps the shooters gained entry prior to the doors locking.

If this is the case, then I think we have found our leak from the program.... It is Mr. Thorne.

Mr. Thorne has done ZERO interviews and has not attended ANY of the special events offered to the people at the school. He did not attend the Superbowl or the Daytona 500. But Kevin Anzelotti sure did.

I believe that the police had Nancy Lanza checking in on a regular basis. She failed to check in on the morning of the 14th and that put up a red flag. Law enforcement were already at her home checking in on her when they discovered her body.

***** MORE TO COME *****


  1. This is an amazing story because it is so presumably TRUE !! I love it !! You should write a book Erik !! Seriously !

  2. Very chilling I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees that some things just don't add up luv ur page

  3. Loser fucking central if you ask me

  4. Maybe none of these facts came out in the press because they aren't true?? And maybe you theorists are just idiots?

    1. I'm guessing you missed the part where this was a theory?

  5. Your WPP theory was really interesting to read; I never thought about the possibility of something that huge going on within the whole town. Everything from the policies in the school, layout of the fire department, and behaviors of the parents (or crisis actors, depending on what you believe) all make sense. Props for the creative piecing together of this horrible tragedy.

    However, there are a few details you might have over looked: Adam Lanza's toxicology report came back negative for drugs and it was determined that his death was, in fact, a suicide. If "the couple" had "drugged" him, it would have came up in the toxicology report, and if they shot him, forensic analysis would have proved it was a homicide. People erroneously believe that a homicide can be made to look as if it were a suicide, but forensic specialists can easily spot the difference between the two deaths.

    In addition, it's too hard to over-look all of the other evidence found in Lanza's residence: the images of bodies, articles of shootings, and extremely violent video games and videos (I'm not saying that all people who play violent video games actually commit crimes like those depicted, but it doesn't necessarily help, especially in someone believed to have a psychological disability). An obsession with violence, death, and mass shootings doesn't exactly point towards innocence.

    It is critical to read the official report, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is a bit confused about the facts of that day, like I was. I believe that it is obvious Lanza did commit the actual murders. The official report states: "undoubtedly afflicted with mental health problems" ... "many others saw the shooter as unemotional, distant, and remote" ... "Both the shooter’s mother and father indicated that the shooter was bullied growing up." ..."The
    father indicated that it was not excessive and concerned his social awkwardness and physical
    gait" ... "the shooter appears to have had few friends growing up" ... "The shooter disliked birthdays, Christmas and holidays. He would not allow his mother to put up
    a Christmas tree. The mother explained it by saying that shooter had no emotions or feelings." ... "No one was allowed in his room" ... "Some recalled that the shooter had been bullied" ... "In the course of their conversations, the shooter indicated that he had an interest in mass murders
    and serial killing" ... "The fifth grade was also the year that, related to a class project, the shooter produced the
    “Big Book of Granny” in which the main character has a gun in her cane and shoots people. The story includes violence against children." ... Getting the gist? Someone with mental health problems, a detachment from society, and had issues with being bullied (probably by his peers when he was in SHES himself), fits the profile of someone who would commit these crimes.

    Regardless, thank you for taking the time to write all of this! I thought it was really interested and answered a lot of questions I had been asking myself. I only began researching more about the shooting after I heard the released 911 tape a few days ago and noticed a few strange details. I definitely believe something fishy was going on, but I'm not exactly sure of anything yet.

    1. The drug GHB will not show up on toxicology reports and I believe there are several other drugs that our government has access to that will not show up. That is, if you believe Carver was not in on the autopsy findings. Lanza was shot twice, not once like a normal suicide. People usually don't mess up when using a 10mm. If the shooter was so disturbed, would it not be a challenge for him to all the sudden get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and drive to a school X amount of miles away? The stimulus alone would be intolerable. The loud noises of the guns would destroy his ear drums as well, throwing off his balance almost immediately. He was not trained nor was he a weapons specialist by any stretch of the imagination. No shooting range in a 50 mile radius showed him ever visiting. If Lanza was the gamer that the report depicts him to being, why were all of his systems and games way outdated? The family was well off... He would have had a large flat screen and the newest and best of the best. Why have we never seen the large printout of his following of mass murders? I would think that law enforcement would quickly release that for the world to view. The official report is garbage and it is so horribly written, that one could conclude that it was done purposefully in order to confuse those searching for the truth. The 911 calls were weak as well. The calls depicted a less urgent scene, one that seemed not in a state of emergency. Okay, I am tired of typing, but I will debate more if needed... thanks for reading!

  6. I pretty much jumped the fence to the hoax side. There are so many details that don't add up. There are details that scream this is fake. Fake pictures of children, parents not even crying, over acting, under acting, people at the firehouse just going in circles, and wtf are the kids in any pictures other than that ONE where they are going single file? Why does no one remember Adam? Why was she labeled a kindergarten teacher? And what's up with all of the memorial funds??? Everyone that was there has a different story and they can't seem to keep it straight, truth is easy to remember.....lies you have to keep straight.

    1. I agree with bet is that is was a Hoax.

  7. there was a statement by Nancy Lanza " "Be forewarned..(she added as a joke ) girl has talked me into a dragon tattoo" From this you have deduced that she had a conversation with the couple with tatoos and from that you have determined that the couple followed her to the spa as part of a huge plan. You move to complete the story where she is killed by the couple or others and Adam is forced to do this and that and eventually killed by ...."whoever". On the other hand, you have this affluent person who has the ability to go to a spa. While there she sees a couple at dinner and observes that the tattoos are awkward when dressed a certain way. Having a sense of humor she comments, in her text, that " be forewarned..etc etc etc". She could have just as easily said she saw a woman with an obvious breast enhancement that went over board with the enlarged breasts and said..Heads time you see me I'm going to be a double "D"." Doesn't mean she talked to the overly enhanced woman or is acvtually going to get a boob's a joke;a statement in jest.If you take away that single sentence that you base your premise have nothing.

    1. So I assume you're one of the many sheep who believe the official story. Sad

    2. genius...maybe u should enhance your reading says that 'tattoo girl' TALKED HER INTO getting a dragon tattoo

  8. Wow! This is an amazing view on the hoax story...and for those of you tricked by our government, notice how everything in this story adds up! Not one story from mainstream media adds up but this does. If I didn't think the American government would hunt you down for it, I would tell you to write a book. Well done!

  9. interesting....very interesting

  10. What about the fact that there wasnt a Nancy Lanza at all, it was in fact that Anne or Anne E. person. Those two are obviously the same. Also they Photoshopped Adams eyes to make him look crazy. Also, I don't believe for one hot minute that ANYONE died do to a shooting at the school or on that day. I do believe that the real nancy and peter are in hiding...but that picture of who we think is Nancy is not her. Those kids could either really of already been dead years ago & they took advantage of that to make the media think they were Lanzas victims? Maybe those are old pictures of Children who are grown up and now in undercover protection? Food for thought, but I do know that Dawn Hochsteins daughter was acting on CNN, and is still desperately trying to keep up with this lie on her twitter.

  11. Great outline for a novel or movie. But ultimately this theoretical narrative is just as plausable as any other reasonable narrative. For example, Peter might have been sick of paying out $250,000 a year and has his wife offed. Or maybe Nancy and Peter were running a scam that required them to fake having a song? There's so many missing pieces and holes that need to be filled that anything we come up with is just guess work at best, a waste of time at worst. Unless, of course, there is some evidence invovled.

  12. Nice try but Soto wasn't in the witness protection program. And as someone already stated, drugs in Adam's system would have shown up in a report. Theories without evidence just add confusion so I'm beginning to suspect you are a government agent trying to throw people off the scent.

    1. What's to say the toxicology report wasn't fabricated ?

    2. Any time the government is involved, secrecy is the goal... There are drugs out there that will not show up in toxicology reports. Any drugs that are synthesized normally within the body will not show up if they appear to be naturally occurring. GhB is one that comes to mind at the moment, but I know for a fact that there are way more! Several forms of poison won't show up either. But whose to say that Carver wasn't in on it as well??? He is a known gun hater!

  13. Wow. That's deep. Now to me there are more questions to answer. Interesting very interesting.

  14. What did Ryan Lanza say about how his ID got into the hands of Adam?

  15. Fact: We have NO EVIDENCE that anyone died. Your theory is really interesting, and the WWP does explain the silence of the town. I always thought that Nancy had gotten away: from all I've read, Adam would not have ever killed his mother. That part of the official story NEVER made sense.