Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Theory On What Happened at Sandy Hook Part II

(This is MY theory on what happened at SH. The contents herein do not represent the views of anyone else and are not to be considered fact)

The Parents

These parents that we are seeing all over the media are going to be my main focus of this section.

We have to remember that this theory is supporting that there was a big involvement with the Witness Protection Program(WPP).

It is my theory that these parents were pulled into this event willingly. I believe that some of the people we are seeing in the media are indeed crisis actors. But I do not support the belief that they were thinking this was a drill. I believe that they are actually being used to "play the part" of a real family that has had their child killed.

When you are in the WPP, there is almost nothing that can bring you back out until you have either testified or the threat has been eliminated for you and your family. If these parents were indeed involved in the WPP, then they could not go on screen and discuss these events. Therefor, stand ins were used.

I know what you are thinking...... "But I KNOW some of these parents."

You may know them.... But do you REALLY know them? You know what they have led you to believe. Operatives in the WPP are in it for life. They create entirely new persona's every time they are relocated.

The Parker's you know in Newtown are more than likely NOT the same Parker's that were known in Utah. They may be the same people, but they have completely different back stories.

There has been a recent influx of people to the Newtown area. And this included MANY of the families involved in this event. That brings up three possibilities:

1. These parents were aware that something was in the works and they were brought in early to not arouse suspicions.
2. These children were placed with these families as surrogates for their own protection.
3. These parents were purposely sent to Newtown for the exact reason I stated in Part I.... They were setup by someone on the INSIDE of the WPP. (remember Rick Thorne?)

I am leaning towards a mix of option 2 and option number 3. I believe that these families may very well be surrogates to someone elses child. I believe that these parents were "placed" in Newtown all together and that they were the ones who had their "children" targeted by an outside group. The other children were collateral damage as the shooters were unable to figure out exactly which kids were the targets.

The lack of emotion you see from many of the parents is due to the fact that these children were not really theirs. Which would explain the lack of photos and the fact that Emilie Parker appears to be ostracized in many of the Parker photos. They knew that they couldn't form a family bond.


There are over 1,000 different fundraisers still running for Sandy Hook. Have you asked yourself WHY?

Let me try an explain that phenomenon.....

I believe that a majority of the REAL families involved (the ones we haven't heard from or seen) are going to need to be relocated again for their own safety.

This is going to be done right in front of our faces. Totally contrary to how the WPP operates.

They are going to suddenly decide to relocate to an "undisclosed" area in order to put this event behind them. That is what is going to be fed to you. And a majority of the public will buy it because they will believe that these people have vanished. (out of sight out of mind)

They will state that they were able to use the donation funds to start a new life in a new area because remaining in Sandy Hook was unbearable for them. Some of these families have already left. No one will question their motives because they do not want to seem insensitive.

What is REALLY going to happen to this money? My guess would be it is going to be used by lobbyists to BUY senators votes on gun control and other agenda based items.


  1. i believe some of the $50 million for the new school will serve to pay off senators on key votes on mental illness (in order to begin gun confiscation.

  2. You know that $70,000.00 is reported as "missing" from a Tennessee-based fundraiser, don't you?

    From January, 2014 (a snippet of a longer article):

    "HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The co-founder of a charity formed in the wake of the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School says her organization has been unable to account for more than $70,000.

    Editor’s note: It’s her organization and she doesn’t know where the money is? The article is a cover-up for Graney’s scams and incompetence.

    Ryan Graney, of Nashville, Tenn., tells The Associated Press that only $30,000 of the $103,000 taken in by the 26.4.26 Foundation was used for the organization’s purpose. That money was presented last year by co-founder Robbie Bruce to NYA, a nonprofit youth sports center in Newtown.

    Graney says she filed reports about the missing money with the FBI and local officials after Bruce was unable to explain where it went.

    Bruce, an endurance athlete, did not return repeated telephone messages. He lives in a gated apartment complex in Nashville, Tenn., and attempts to reach him there also failed.

    That might well be 70 thou funneled off for other (nefarious?) purposes, but could be scammed by Graney and/or Bruce.