Monday, November 25, 2013

Obvious Errors In The Photos

Observations from a reader:

1. First thing I noticed was in picture 191 and 190, that blue tape isn't a common household item. Its used as contractors because it comes off the walls typically without damaging the paint. Its also much weaker than other tapes. It is unlikely that someone would block light out with that setup as it would constantly fall down. Plus, why did they have that tape in the first place? Also note that the covers on the windows are taped together with duct tape yet weaker blue tape is used around the edges.

2. The boys closet is full of shelving and storage and with his very narrow hanger space he hangs.. pants? also unlikely but plausible.

3. 90% of the house is still packed. I don't see how this is possible if someone lived in a house for over 10 years.

4. the carpet shows no traffic areas or wear and tear. They have two types of carpet in the house, berber and plush. both white. I used to work as a carpet cleaner for a few years and this carpet is the hardest to keep up.

5. Those shooting targets, picture 411 are buried in the basement and not easily accessible. But the pictures make it look like they are out in the open. Picture 411 shows a target seemingly in the open but the only matching piece of furniture is in picture 159. Which means it is really stuffed in a corner of the basement.

6. Picture 167 seems to be missing a TV.

7. Also, why was the computer not setup at the desk? but instead rigged in the most awkward of places? The computer appears to have slides for the hard drive meaning only the primary access panel would need to be removed to slide out the drive. The slide tray can be seen in picture 10.

8. The tin foil on the vent makes no sense to me. If it was on the other side then I would understand, it would have been there to keep air off of the thermostat but the vent blows towards the thermostat and the tinfoil is on the wrong side.


  1. Blue tape is a lot stronger and supportive than masking tape, that's why people use. Everyone has blue tape, they sell it at the paint counter in lowes and Home Depot.

  2. your points regarding the carpet are useless.

  3. That blue tape is just masking tape that won't leave residue. Believe me, I am in construction and I have seen it used by painters in hundreds of houses. Masking tape is not for holding things up, and does a very poor job of it.