Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Theory On What Happened at Sandy Hook Part III

Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department

There has been much speculation as to what the SHFD was used for. I am going to try and put it into perspective a little bit.

Bear in mind that this is only MY thoughts and that I am using this post to tie the FD into MY theory.

Here is a photograph of the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Department.

The following images are from various other fire stations around the country. These other stations serve a larger population as well.

What do you notice?

The SHFD has 7 bays. When other stations that serve a larger population only have 2 or 3. Why does the SHFD require so much room?

In fact, in 2009, SHFD added 2 MORE bays to the station.

Was the SHFD always a fire station? Was it ever used as a school?

The letters on the side of the school had to have been there for many years. That would mean that the rest of the wall that was not under the lettering would become weathered a lot faster than the are under the letters. We all know that they lettering has since been removed. Why can we NOT see any type of weathering at all on the wall outlining the letters?

The SH school sign is conveniently located right in front of the fire station as well.

Are we ready to jump back down the rabbit hole?

I do not believe that the SHFD was ever used as a school.

I do not even believe that the SHFD is actually a fully functioning fire department at all.

I believe it is a cover for it's real intended purpose.

You all know that my theory is based on the Witness Protection Program being heavily vested in Newtown. It is my belief that the firehouse and the building directly across the street are the headquarters for the program.

The SHFD responds to very few calls as is documented on their call list on their website. So why the need for such a large facility and so much apparatus?

It is my belief that the directors and operatives in the WPP use the SH fire station as a hub for their operation.

They have other buildings on the side of the station as well. These buildings are used as a meeting area for locals in the program. There are ZERO cameras on the SH fire station. That would ensure complete privacy for anyone entering or exiting the buildings.

They have the use of 9 different bays to aid in the seclusion of any vehicles entering.

People that go into the program are given vehicles which include GPS tracking as well as other security measures. These huge bays are a great place to do installation and maintenance on these vehicles.

The Chief, Bill Halstead is also a member of DHS. He would be privy to this information as well. Remember the secretary that supposedly turned on the intercom during the shooting?

Barbara Halstead.

She was in the closet with nurse Cox the entire time after the shooting. They did not emerge until 1:15pm.

Barbara Halstead called 911 from the nurses office before getting into the closet.

Who is the director of Emergency Services in Newtown?

Karin Halstead.

(Are we seeing a pattern yet?)

She is the head of Emergency Management in Newtown. They run the 911 system as well as the EMT's. It was Karin Halstead who made the decision to not allow the first responding EMT's into the building.

The building across the street is now for sale. 17 Riverside.

It is listed as a 15 room multi family unit that is currently rented. Who is renting? Witnesses perhaps? Others that are in the program? Could it be used as a temporary foster home to children in the WPP?

Who is the registered owner of that property?



After doing a search, it has come up that there is absolutely no sales history for this property. Like it has been scrubbed.

This is the profile for Maureen Will. She is listed as the primary in 17 Riverside Assoc LLC. Look at her OTHER title.

Maureen Will is the head of Emergency Communications Centers in Connecticut.

Newtown Emergency Communications Center dispatches Police, Fire, and EMS for the Town Of Newtown. We answer all 911 calls for Newtowns Emergency Services. N.E.C.C. is located at 3 Main ST in Town Hall South. N.E.C.C. is staffed 24/7 by two Dispatchers. In 2010 N.E.C.C. answered 7,068 Emergency 911 calls.

Is the rabbit hole becoming clearer yet?



  1. Okay... so how does this explain the satanism, the actors milling around the school, the fema drill... how does all that tie in?

  2. Your theories are very interesting and plausible. Have you ever seen Namesnot Mary on youtube, she has several videos showing that many of the families affected, teachers at sh, and other staff & relatives have 0$ christmas day sales on the sometimes million dollar homes. How do so many people receive these way above average homes for 0$ on 1/25/09. The town got a facelift in 2009 and new people in the communities. I think SH/Newtown is a true C I A town!! Undercover agents posing as teachers, stay at home moms, doctors, store owners.. that is their cover story!!

  3. Who the hell were all those people wandering around the fire dept.? What a massive bunch of extras(?) doing that weird circle around the building, going in and coming back out another door to circle again.
    Theory as to what happened at Sandy Hoax: I think that there may have been "crisis actors" involved that were told they would be playing a part in a drill-- about a school and a lone gunman, you know. But suddenly the people behind the whole real shooting went live (as planned) and the actors kept playing along, totally unaware that people really were getting killed.
    But I don't know that any children were ever killed, only the adults. Even if any of the actors involved had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, once they learned the truth, how could they possibly keep quiet? They may shield their identity, but seems as though SOMEONE would tell.

  4. Maureen Will is listed as the manager for 17 Riverside Rd Associates LLC and her address is 6 Sunnyview Terrace, Sandy Hook, and the same address is used for the business. Does she run her business out of her home?? It's possible. Her home address is right down the street from 17 Riverside Rd. Just a fun fact - 6 Sunnyview Terrace was sold on 1/14/11 for $1.