Sunday, November 3, 2013

The REAL reason there have been no lawsuits in Sandy Hook

William Halstead Sr is the Chief of Sandy Hook Fire.

Barbara Halstead was the school clerk who engaged the loudspeaker.

Karin Halstead was the EMS Captain that allegedly called a stand down to her peers.

William T Halstead Jr has an extensive background in emergency management, and has even written a paper on handling rumors on the Internet in the wake of an emergency.

See a pattern of conflict of interest?

Lt. Vance heads the investigation. Want to sue the state? Too Bad.

Son, Paul Vance, is the GATEKEEPER OF CONNECTICUT, having the authority to determine who can sue Connecticut.


  1. Lt. Vance is a public relations/spokesperson for the state police. He didn't head the investigation.

  2. Huh, that is very strange.. whole new meaning to keep it in the family...

  3. we all know this is where the investigating needed to be...right?