Saturday, December 28, 2013

Carlos Soto's Missing Legs (Answered)

We have all heard the theory of the missing legs that was a photoshop error in a family photo right?

When new evidence comes to light that answers a question or proves a theory wrong, we will publish it.

We have come across a few more photos taken that same day that will show that he does indeed have legs. He is wearing long white socks.

It appears that this is some sort of family tradition. Everyone was wearing long crazy socks for "Pop Pop's" 75th birthday party.


  1. In the last pic, Vicky's head looks pasted on and she is looking at what? This isn't the first time her pics have had eyeline issues.

  2. All have her.looking.the same.way. compare this to the class picture that was.released.

  3. Moving on to the evidence pictures did anybody else notice that even though Adam Lanza allegedly shot himself in the back of the head, with Glock's most powerful hand gun, there is no blood, brains or bone anywhere on the inside of that hat or his shirts???

  4. Every photo of Vicky Soto looks photo shopped and pasted in... nothing looks natural about her being in any of those photos!

  5. Why does Carlee Soto always tilt her head to the side in every picture ?
    So let's review how absurd the official story is shall we ?

    1. For no reason Adam Lanza (the subject 6 ft tall and 112 pounds) get's up and shoots his mother.
    2. Adam makes his bed and it is uncertain if he did this before or after he killed his mother.
    3. Adam straps on 30 pounds of gear and drives to the school and arrives precisely when the doors are locked.
    4. Adam exits his car opens all the doors and throws two hoody sweat shirts on the ground and blasts his way through the glass by the door.
    5. Adam then shoots the principal and Mary Sherlach in a kitchen closet ? Only shoots Natalie Hammond in the hand and leg (Why Adam's accuracy declined on Hammond is a mystery)
    5A. Adam goes into the nurses office and Nurse Sally Cox can only see his BOOTS and then he walks out. Then Sally Cox and Barbara Halstead hide in a closet for 4 hours and emerge at 1:15pm. Apparently multiple sweeps by the State Police and FBI never discovered them. Good thing there were no other shooters hiding huh?
    6. For some reason Adam passes Kaitlin Roig's class despite that it is unlocked and the very first room in the hall.
    7.Then Adam goes down the hall to room 8 and kills all but 1 student.
    8. While Adam is busy in Room 8 Vicki Soto is unable to lock her door in Room 10.
    9. After Adam is done in room 8 he moves on to room 10
    10. Now Adam still has quite a bit of time remaining before the police eventually walk into the lobby. The windows on the classroom doors and the conference room are huge and the doors are all unlocked and open outward yet he takes no further action despite having hundreds of bullets ready to go in magazines.
    8. At this time Lanza's neighbor, Chris Manfredonia, is confronted by police fleeing the scene toward Crestwood st. Mr. Manfredonia stated that he was looking for his daughter in the fray yet fails to explain why he might find her on Crestwood instead of her classroom. (There are suggestions that his daughter is named Alexa and may have been in Roig's class- what a coincidence if that proves true) Manfredonia lives right behind the Lanza's.
    9. Also at or about this time Newtown officers believe there is shooting from outside the school and it is later discovered that an armed off duty SWAT officer is in the woods.
    10. Lanza apparently shoots himself with Glock's most powerful hand gun in the back of his head. The shot results in a small hole in the top front of his hat with two hairs and a drop or two of blood.
    11. Newtown PD takes into custody a man they believe to be a second shooter. Fox reports that SWAT was deployed to his house and a body was found there but then suddenly ceases that news coverage and purges that report.
    12. Despite killing 26 people his mother and himself he has virtually no blood in his hat (the top of his head should be in there), his vest, his pants, shirts or shoes. Neither is there any glass or blood tracked on the bottom of his shoes. He wore tactical trousers that were at least 4 sizes too big for him. Maybe his shoes are clean because he changed his footwear because nurse Cox said he was wearing boots and the evidence report clearly shows his black shoes.

    Sally Cox

    And people actually believe this story ?

    One other point. Sally Cox initially told a reporter that she met eyes with the shooter and that his mother was a kindergarten teacher. She later changed her story and denied ever seeing the shooter. It just so happens that one of the kindergarten teachers has a son that works for Michael Bloomberg. What a coincidence huh ? Now might that be somebody with a motive?

  6. Victoria's socks in pictures No. 2, 3 and 4 look very different from the socks in pics No.1, 5 and 6.
    But weren't 1 and 2 supposed to have been taken on the same day?

  7. What is the original source of these photos? You seem to be the only ones with them. Could you please post a link?

  8. Not sure if my comment went through or not (having technical difficulties) but what is the original source of these photos? Could you post the link?