Sunday, December 8, 2013

Facebook Censorship Strikes Again!

We have a member of the Facebook page that has been with us since day 1 and he has been diligently working on some investigation.

He has recently posted quite a bit of information on what he has discovered and it has ALL been removed by Facebook.

He is currently compiling the information and submitting it to us and we will have it posted HERE as soon as we can.

He is obviously on to something BIG.


  1. They never like it when truth is revealed. It interferes with their agenda... Zuckerberg attended bilderberg meetings.

  2. I have had items removed as well. Every time I post information I have about Allyson Wyatt it gets removed. There is some rather damning evidence that supports that she was not who she was told to be.

  3. FB removed some pic's I added to SHH page also and sent me an email warning.

  4. I am still in lockdown for posting on public pages because I said some anti Obama stuff on a few news sites. 1st Amendment doesn't apply to FascistBook.