Friday, December 27, 2013

Full Sandy Hook Final Report Released

State police released thousands of investigative documents related to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre Friday.

The more than 6,500 pages is heavily redacted with witness statements from some of the 12 children who survived the massacre partially blacked out. The release closes the state police investigation.
There are thousands of photographs, although none from the horrific crime scenes inside the two classrooms or the hallways of the now-demolished school.

View the entire report HERE.

We will be downloading and posting the report later today.


  1. What's up with all the redactions?

  2. Many states don't allow the release of juvenile information including statements etc.

  3. Many states don't allow the release of juvenile information including statements etc.

  4. a law passed a year before this so.called tragedy prevents the release of any pediatric autopsy...too.coinicindental for me.

  5. How many years in advance would make it non coincidental, 2? 5? 10? 20? Next time a law is passed, they should make sure it won't applicable for 10 years so it doesn't sound fishy.

  6. when the medical.examiner who supposedly autopsies these.bodies made such a push, that's when it is a coincindence. He lied and contradicted himself time and time again, so you tell me he didn't have something to do with the planning and execution of this drill?

  7. I did not give too much credibility to the hoax crowd but after watching the Superbowl Video I was very intrigued. The most compelling are Wheeler and Olivia Engel but many others are quite amazing as well such as O'Donnell and Previdi.
    Look at the blurry class picture with Ben Wheeler. Why is it so blurry. The video that asserts he is Owen Wright is compelling. First and e-mail from a co-worker of David Wheeler said he only has one son. Then the picture of Ben's hair in the front is the same as this Superbowl kid Owen Wright.

  8. Smoking Gun VIDEO busts Newtown "father" playing 2 SANDY HOOK roles:

    David Wheeler played (i) Grieving Father, and (ii) FBI Sniper, at Newtown.

    Only problem is, David Wheeler got caught on cable TV. Watch the 3-minute video for PROOF Sandy Hook was fake.