Saturday, December 14, 2013

One Year Later : Unanswered Questions

1. Who ordered the port-a-potties? When were they delivered? Why were they put up by the school? Why were they put by the firehouse?

2. Who ordered the highway light up sign "everyone must check in"

3. How did Adam disappear off the radar for 3 yrs if he was a computer wiz?

4. Why didn't they allow EMTs in the school? Who pronounced them dead?

5. Who was shot in the foot and why have we not heard from her?

6. Who was the man in camo they found running away from the school in the forest?

6. Why did they decide to take down the school when there wasn't a proper investigation of the property?

7. Why do they still not have any footage of kids and adults running out of the school?

8. Where are Allison Wyatt's parents?

9. Why did they tear down the school and make the workers sign non disclosures and didn't do the same for the Columbine tragedy?

10. What Is Adam's dad's connection to the libor scandal?

11. In early videos of the cops clearing the outside of the school, there was one in which 4-6 camo clad cops going around a corner and talking. They were speaking a foreign language, but why? Anybody know what language it was?

12. Why turn down EMT help from neighboring areas?

13. Why did the school have an abandoned look about it from the onset. Nothing in the windows, no playground equipment, etc.

14. Why was Holder there meeting with people the month before.

15. Why were the same people walking in one door and out the other over and over t the FD? WIth some women changing costs and purses if there was no deception being played out?

16. Why were the families all fairly new residents?

17. Why was the Emilee Parker donation page up within hours and had 10 different way to donate money?

18. When were the Christmas trees delivered and who delivered them?

19. Who is Rick Thorne and where are his interviews?

20. Where is Gene Rosen's 911 call?

21. Why were there ZERO christmas decoration on the school 11 DAYS before christmas?

22. Why on every single 911 call there are no sirens heard, ever?

23. Why are so many people moving out of this town and why are people afraid to talk about it?

24. When Carver said "I hope this doesn't come crashing down on their heads later", what does that mean?

25. Why are all the family members and eyewitnesses smiling just days later?

26. How did every single cop. ambulance, parent get to the school BEFORE the helicopters?

27. Why can't you get on the Newtown Assessor's Online Database anymore?

28. How did Rick Thorne know all the classrooms were locked and the school was on lockdown when there was a shooter on the loose?

29. Why haven't we seen photos of the crime scene?

30. Why is the information on Adam Lanza so vague? There's like only like 5 photos of him on the internet (all from around the time he "killed" the people at Sandy Hook. Not childhood photos) and they look photoshopped. With the Columbine killers, we knew everything about them. What their motive was, their background, their beliefs. Yet we know nothing about Adam.

31. How come they only talk about Robbie Parker and his daughter, and Vicki Soto?

32. If Adam suffered from Asperger's and hated loud noises and busy places, how come we have a video of him playing (DDR) Dance, Dance Revolution a very loud music/dancing game in a crowded movie theater, and they say he was there playing it quite frequently. That doesn't sound like a person who hates social interactions, avoids communications with people except thru email and texting (like he communicated with his Mother) and loud noises would do, does it now?

33. Why is Gene Rosen clearly at the firehouse in the chopper footage when he didn't go there in his story?

34. Why were medical personnel told to wait and not enter the school after "Adam" was down?



  1. good questions!!! Now lets wait for the answers.... better get comfy.... because there are none!

  2. "29. Why haven't we seen photos of the crime scene?"

    This should be number one on the list and every American should be demanding an answer to this question.

  3. How about Why were there five different stories about what went down in Soto ' classroom? If children really "escaped" from her class, where are their bloody footprints and why did the police not see them running down the driveway? Why did Carver insist on the passing of legislation a year prior that sealed the contents of pediatric homicides?

  4. it was young children murdered...if you want to see that crime scene you're a bunch of sickos too. they probably held off letting people in because it would be traumatic and maybe they weren't sure he was down. everything isn't propaganda and made up. I'm sure if you were one of the parents of the children murdered you'd think a lot differently. with this big of a tragedy I'm sure people are moving away to try to move on from it. this is a rich area they probably had the funds to build a new school...perhaps Columbine didn't

    1. So we are just supposed to believe known liars with an agenda? it is actually quite normal to demand proof.

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