Friday, December 27, 2013

Sandy Hook Final Report Published

We have uploaded the written report. The media is uploading now and will be added to the Final Report page as soon as it uploads.

*** There are only 6 files left to upload. They are the mobile videos. ***

You can see the Final Report page HERE.

You may leave comments on the page.


  1. Lanza lost less blood by blowing his brains out from the back of his head with Glock's most powerful hand gun than I did when I shaved this morning.

    Lanza would have required extra small trousers and underwear since he was only 112 pounds. Yet he is wearing medium underwear and 32R pants? At most his waist was 29 inches.

    No blood or glass on the bottom of his shoes despite running around amidst all that carnage ?

    Evidence of crime scene tampering. Lauren Rousaeu's car had an exit shot that was modified to appear as an entry shot.

  2. Hello, this is Peter Lanza. I just wanted to tell you that the pictures of my ex-wife's house on your FB site are real. She didn't have the ability to take care of the house by herself and received no help from Adam. There's not much more to say, other than you are going to drive yourself crazy looking at ever detail and questioning it.

    1. Oh yeah hi Peter you can manage to get on here but not talk to the media?

  3. I highly doubt that is Peter Lanza. lol

  4. You had someone post toda,y if you heard about the lady who got fired for showing lanza's body to her husband? If these are the people who are going to find the truth, you're in trouble. That was 8 months ago. Who the fuck cares?