Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Who got shot in the front of Sandy Hook?

Looking at these new images, it appears someone suffered a major injury OUTSIDE the front door. There is the beginning of a large pool of blood that then trails away from the entrance.

Who got injured here?


  1. the b etter question is one I called the EPA of CT about, the State Police and the CT Violent Crimes Unit..."Who Cleaned Up the Blood at Sandy Hook???" Answer: No answer followed by more silence,

  2. I'm not surprised. They probably thought no one will ever ask that question.

  3. If the window was broken by Adam to get in, why is the glass outside, and clear across to the other side of the doors? It's obvious the window was broken from the inside.

  4. I think Halstead buzzed him in and then he shot out the window for his team.

    Her 911 call she never mentions shooting out the windows and then the Principal. She said she caught a glimpse of a guy with a gun down the hall.

    Her statement however she describes the glass being broken, he shoots, walks into her office and she has him wearing sunglasses.

    Book 6 document 00002060

    Trooper Combes said there was a guy in cuffs from the New York area. He had no reason to be there and no explanation.

    He asked him his name which was redacted. The suspect said he was from Newtown and just

    happened to be in the area.

    Remember the nurse said the shooter was the son of a kindergarten teacher ?

    Very simple question is next. Was this suspect from the New York area the son of a kindergarten teacher ? or more specifically IS THIS SCOTT VOLLMER ?

  5. Breaking - a boatload of Amish people just arrived by bus in Newtown.

  6. Penna's statement was that he did not hear a shot but Huff Post article says that he did

  7. Well, at least we have our first photographic evidence of blood from 12/14/12.

  8. Sandyhook was a media hoax...there was no shooting and no injuries...had there really been a shooting we would have been able to see the inside of the school....Remember in the Aurora non shooting there was a blood trail leading back into the theater but again we never saw the damage to the inside of the theater....Show me some surveilance camera video from the School that day.....Show me one cell phone video of the aftermath, ambulances taking the injured...just one cell phone video.. but all we have see is mainstream media footage probably filmed in advance,

  9. Had it been a media hoax, there would have been blood all over the place.

  10. They corrected the "no blood" at Sandy Hook at the Boston Marathon Hoax.... overcompensated for it, though, a bit by dumping way too much theatrical blood all over the "injured" and the staged sidewalk areas.