Friday, February 28, 2014

The Jordan Marsh Connection

Today we are going to talk a little bit about Jordan Marsh. Who is Jordan Marsh you might ask?...... Here is a little background....

"Eyewitness News has learned more about a man, who planned an attack similar in style to the one in Newtown, but was luckily prevented by Greater Hartford area police.

Police caught Jordan Marsh, 26, of South Windsor after he was caught stealing a 50-caliber long gun from Riverview Sales in East Windsor on Saturday." <--- This would have been 12/15/12. Remember that date.

"Riverview Gun Sales is now connected to the Newtown tragedy as well. Eyewitness News also learned exclusively Tuesday, this is the same store where Nancy Lanza, the mother of Newtown killer Adam Lanza, legally bought at least one of her weapons."

"Riverview Gun Sales added that it is cooperating with Newtown investigators and told The Associated Press store records show only one gun was sold to Nancy Lanza.

But, police told Eyewitness News there have been records issues with Riverview Gun Sales in the past.

The East Windsor Police Department said Marsh stole at least a dozen guns from the store over the past few years and the store owners did not know any of the weapons were taken until detectives told them.

About five years ago, there were another three dozen guns from the store that were unaccounted."


Jordan Marsh had his sentence handed down on January 7, 2014.

"Deirdre M. Daly, United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, announced that JORDAN MARSH, 27, of South Windsor, was sentenced today by U.S. District Judge Michael P. Shea in Hartford to five years of probation for stealing a firearm from a federally licensed firearms dealer.

According to court documents and statements made in court, on December 11, 2012, MARSH stole a Windham Weaponry 5.56 mm caliber semi-automatic rifle from the front counter of Riverview Gun Sales, a former federal firearms dealer located in East Windsor. The theft was captured on the store’s video surveillance system, which shows MARSH entering the store, standing in front of the rifle, picking up the firearm and leaving the store. Though there were several employees standing behind the counter, none were near MARSH, and none saw him take the firearm. No one at the store realized the firearm was missing until the Hartford Police retrieved it from MARSH’s hotel room on December 17, 2012, two days after MARSH had been arrested for attempting to steal a Bushmaster .50 caliber rifle from Riverview. ,<--- There it is again. 12/15/12

Earlier in 2012, MARSH was convicted of a state felony stemming from his prior thefts of approximately 12 firearms from Riverview.

On August 27, 2013, MARSH pleaded guilty in state court to firearms and probation violation offenses stemming from his attempted theft of the Bushmaster .50 caliber rifle, and was sentenced to eight years of incarceration. He is currently detained in state custody."

Marsh was given credit for time served. His Maximum release date Was 12/14/2020. He got 8 years. That makes his incarceration date 12/14/2012. Day of the shooting.


Jordan's brother, Gary M. McGuire, mysteriously died in early 2012. Shooting accident perhaps? I do not have the details of his death.


Riverview Gun Sales has also had criminal charges brought against them for failing to properly conduct background checks and for falsifying records.

This is the same gun shop that Nancy Lanza used to purchase all of her firearms.... They even have a falsified document on her.

They have her place of birth wrong. There is no way she can pass a BG check with incorrect information.

Now.... this is all interesting.... Because the gun shop was actually CLOSED from Dec 15th - Dec. 19th 2012. How in the hell did Jordan Marsh steal anything on the 15th?

Here is a screenshot from their own FB page...

So it appears that Jordan Marsh was planning some sort of attack for 2 years. (just like Lanza)... Hmmmm....

He was armed to the teeth.... Why would he need that much fire power if he was planning on acting alone?

We have been contacted by "anonymous" .... They have stated that he was known to be contemplating shooting up a local elementary school but backed out. He was under surveilance from the NY FBI.

Jordan was also known to own a purple van.... Interesting.

Now.... Onto the mysterious dates....

It states that Jordan stole this weapon on Saturday the 15th.... But the gun store was closed on the 15th.... And his official court records state he committed the crime on 12/14/12.

So.... Who is Jordan Marsh?.... And why has everything about him appear to be fabricated?


  1. wow - pretty convincing data and story - so you think they just pointed at Adam? Why deffer this to Adam? Would they cover it up using Lanza as Patsy? Why cover this dude?

  2. A note on the gun shop website on the 15th could indicate they were due to close from the 16th, or later in the day on the 15th. "from the 15th" is ambiguous and suggest not including the 15th.

    In my opinion, the issue is that one report has him committing the crime on the Saturday and the court record has the crime being committed on the 14th. If the same crime is being referred to in each case, obviously both cannot be correct.

    What is the source for the Saturday report?

  3. This is the Scotty Walker that was arrested for harassment after calling Carver's office-

    he is out on $50 k bond for a 2nd degree misdemeanor

  4. Man in camo taken from woods fit the description of children witnesses from Miss Soto's class that escaped. It is all fully documented in the official report as well as corroborated by local witness Roy Low in video.


    As best as I could I summarized what I could find on statements obtained from the children. Referenced by document number (mostly from book 5) the investigating officer’s name and brief content description. Some were essentially all redacted.

    Document number - Officer taking statement - Content summary

    00001629 VanNess - Totally redacted

    00006847 VanNess - shooter busted in-kids ran while reloading

    00007407 VanNess - Totally redacted

    00030129 0 Jewiss Man in green and beige army clothes-teacher fainted and he shot her anyway, rifle

    00177428 - Mudry bad guy looked like army guy wearing green fatigues

    00180063 - DeCeaser tall skinny light skin, light brown beard that was short, green hat, shirt, camo pants, bazooka gun

    00198970 - Jewiss man all green clothing , green hat and black boots- man age of a dad

    00256448 - Flynn brown or camo shirt, brown pants, brown hat, bazooka, wearing sun glasses

    00258277 - VanNess heavy winter brown jacket, green shirt, army green pants, dark hair longer on top, no beard or mustache

    Tweet from Andrea McCarren


    Text of Patch article that repeatedly gets censored from Newtown Patch :

    Re-open Sandy Hook Investigation with Independent Counsel-

    Not a single witness described Lanza accurately with significant variations.

    Barbara Halstead , the secretary who was responsible for access into the building at the front door, has 5 different stories on how teh shooter got in the building and said that the shooter wore sunglasses. On her 911 call she said she only caught a glimpse of the shooter.

    Natalie Hammond said the shooter wore a mask was 5 ft 8 inches and a medium build. Lanza was 6 feet and a gaunt 100 pounds.

    Sally Cox told a reporter that she knew the shooter and his mother. Then changed her story and said that she only saw his boots and then hid in a closet for 4 hours until 1:15pm with Halstead ? So I guess all that sweep training by the State Police, K9, and FBI didn't pay off too much. Lanza was wearing shoes not boots as Sally asserted.

    Virtually every child witness said the shooter wore green or beige pants. Interestingly they pulled a man out of the woods in cuffs by that description and we have been provided no exculpatory information.

    The report asserts that the shooter died of a self inflicted wound yet the documentation indicates that he was fatally wounded by law enforcement?

    Lt Vance unequivocally stated that the shooter was discovered in the hallway yet the report indicates that the shooter was found in a classroom.

    A New York man was reported in cuffs because he was caught at the scene and had no explanation as to why he was there. He was later released, we are told,after being taken to the police station and explaining he had an APP that directed him to go to the school. Does that sound at all logical? Why didn't he explain that when he was in cuffs?

    How did the shooter know the highly esoteric method of turning on the PA system? Barbara Halstead made it unequivocally clear that neither she or the nurse turned on the PA so it had to have been the shooter. Did our brilliant detective staff overlook this fact because they were too busy analyzing Lanza's 5th grade group project on Granny jokes?

    Officer Penna was among the very first to arrive in room 10 and he reported that Lanza's was hand cuffed behind his back yet there appears to be no explanation as to who handcuffed him and why.

    This is all based on factual information in the report documentation.

    Officer Cario's statement goes into extraordinary details going as far as to describe which hand another officer used when attempting to open a door. Yet Officer Cario cannot seem to recall whether he went through the doors or the broken window?

    I could go on and on but I believe that I have made my point.

    Sedensky may be better suited in the personal injury field and should resign from law enforcement if he does not respect the oath he had taken.

  6. Jordan Marsh was the name an old department store Boston. It used to exist but was merged with Macy's. The brand name is now owned by Strategic Marks LLC as a part of a virtual store front with an alleged potential future relaunch. Owned by Ellia Kasoff who went to Boston University.