Friday, March 21, 2014

Tony Meets The Wolfman

Wolfgang Halbig answers some of the questions I have. Although he has trouble answering directly, I think it is just his demeanor and not his intention to avoid the questions. In my opinion, he is just seeking the Truth like all of us and he has been the first one to develop a plan of action. Hopefully this video will help you to form your own opinion. 


  1. Why do something with such horrible acoustics and production values?

    Here's how all this looks to me on the sidelines. Halbig, at risk to his reputation and maybe his life, announced to the world that the event was staged and nobody died. Well, that's all we really need to settle. If you don't like his accent or he cheats on his taxes or whatever it is, I don't care. I want to know if he is right on the two main points.

    It's sad the way the truther movement or whatever it is could completely lose focus because a couple of malcontents, trolls or whatever wanted to discuss the secondary issues.

    So that's my comment: stay focused on what really matters here.

    1. Comrade: if u got the Sandy Hook BIG-LIE in the first-place, then u're guaranteed to having dis-info as part-parcel of same deal--it all goes together--what's the problem figuring that out?--u gotta deal w. the dis-info no less than the BIG-LIE. Dis-info is part of BIG-LIE. BIG-LIE entails dis-info and subversion of "truth" movement, necessarily.

  2. I agree with Bruce and with Tony. My experience with Wolf has convinced me that he is "the real deal". We know that anyone who speaks out about a complex and controversial issue like Sandy Hook will be attacked on every possible grounds. What matters is his take on Sandy Hook. Nothing else should distract us.

    Listen to his and my interviews with Jeff Rense. Watch Sofia Smallstorm's "Unraveling Sandy Hook" and read "Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax". Listen to his interview with Dave Gahary. He deserves our support for speaking out when most school safety experts are not. I stand with Wolf.

  3. "Bread & Circuses" Going With Big-Lies, -Lying, Successful So Far

    Tony: I could hear u pretty well in ur vid, but very difficult to entirely make out what Wolfgang was saying--pretty much had to guess what was being said fm listening to ur part of conversation.

    One thing I'd pt. out is u and we must expect the dis-info and infiltration of "truthers" is part-parcel of the entire fraudulent event of Sandy Hook, the mass-corp. "news"-media integral part of this dis-info--they certainly wouldn't do the event and NOT have the dis-info going full-blast at same time, would they?

    We really basically know what we really need to know--we got a criminal gov., the top level practically all criminals, backed w. nearly endless funds of the US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam, etc.--this is the visible part, verifiable by sense perception. Now what is the abstract part?

    And that's the degeneracy of the culture, esp. in way of "Judeo-Christianity" (JC--see and for expo) which, for example, backs the terror-state of Israel, JCs also heavily funded by Fed fraud, JCs the single most powerful gentile interest group.

    The people, still too many of them, just want bread & circuses--as long as this state of affairs continues we're doomed to further degeneration, big-lies, like Sandy Hook, and catastrophe.

  4. Proceed with caution SHH. Keep up the great work you are doing. I do like how Halbig went after the port-a-pot rentals at the event. Time will tell. I want to be clear that personally I am 100% convinced that this was indeed a false flag event whether precious children lost their lives or not. Identities and backgrounds have been established and continue to be established regarding the participants of this false flag event.

  5. Here's the latest from Fetzer:

    Please share the link as much as possible!

  6. The MSM loves SHILL Dan Bidondi because he makes ALL gun owners and Truthers appear CRAZY & DANGEROUS -

    SHILLS Alex Jones, Dan Bidondi & Wolfgang Halbig are soon going to a Newtown school board meeting in order to make Sandy Hook Truthers appear CRAZY and DANGEROUS -


  7. AJ: HOW are u any help?--u just assert, assert, assert. So HOW does Bidondi or anyone dis-credit "truthers"? The issue is the facts, and the criminal gov. agencies continue to withhold info, against the law--after they've, like u, asserted, asserted, asserted about guns and non-existent Lanzas, etc.

    Where's vid of Adam Lanza shooting through the windows?--why isn't it public info for who installed the vid system?

    U're funny AJ: u can't even discuss the Bost. bombing issue, for example, ON UR OWN BLOG, ho ho ho ho. HOW do u think U make "truthers" look? Ho ho ho ho ho

    1. And I went and actually listened to Dan Bidondi show, all 100 minutes of it--he had Wolfgang on, and they had a great show going over facts. Ur citations don't terribly well back u up, AJ.

  8. Halbig is just another conspiracy theorist. All his lame "questions" have been harvested from other sources and have been answered ad nauseum, not least in the report, which he hasn't read and (of course) brands "fake". That's because EVERY answer becomes part of the conspiracy to the theorist. There ARE no answers because conspiracy theory of this nature is a political stance protected by a quasi religious fervour.