Thursday, April 10, 2014

LIVE Chat - 04/10/14

This is the complete video chat from 04/10/14.



  2. I live in CT and all of the state police cars that I've seen don't have decals on them. Not saying you shouldn't be skeptical but I just thought I should chime in.


  3. Thanks much for this excellent, outstanding discussion, full of good info fm knowledgeable, analytic folks. I got lots of great details to ck out--like about the latest discussion on AFP w. Spingola, Johnson, and that "Wade" character, whom I caught in the Halbig discussion. Also, thanks for the tip on KateSlate11--I think I've seen a vid of hers before too.

    I had a discussion w. the person at Flying Tiger--which I noted on ur chat-box to the side here--I thought it was interesting how that person argued. The "wade" person was quite glib, I thought, whereas Halbig was his usual straight-forward, not flinching for sticking-up for what he knew.

    One thing I notice is these people in office are NOT forth-coming for the info, always stone-walling the people for simplest info w. their stupid excuses. And look at the AG Holder--continuing to stone-wall Congress, telling one Congressman "u don't wanna go there, buddy," ho ho ho--what a pure punk.


  4. Having now mulled-over the discussion u all had--I have to take notice of the very NARROW, even politically-correct, context u allowed urselves.

    For example, none of u mentioned the master-conspiracy, over everything else, which brilliantly explains the how, why, and wherefor of Sandy Hook Fraud--the US Federal Reserve Bank (Fed), legalized COUNTERFEIT scam--which just prints-off and -up nearly endless "money"/currency--no wonder these frauds of Sandy Hook are so well paid-off, eh?

    But I think u people who were on are actually quite capable of handling these conspiracy circumstances for Sandy Hook subject-matter, u all ought to go down the line, so to speak, discussing ALL the conspiracy circumstances regarding Sandy Hook, including the Fed and such things now as Israel terror-state.

    U gotta not fear to discuss these things, esp. like Israel--do u see how people are so terrorized and intimidated to NOT discussing "certain" things?--like these Israelis and their suck-alongs.

    It includes then the Israelis' chief supporters and suck-alongs, like the "Judeo-Christian" hereticalists--which I would hope u folks, who are not fools by any means, could well discuss.


  5. Hello comrades: I duly listened to K. Johnson, D. Spingola and "CW Wade" at

    Whence they (above-noted) fairly effectively piled-on Wolf Halbig, questioning many things about him, though they took NO CALLS fm listeners near the end (or anywhere, ho ho ho). They "advanced" to most insistent conclusions about Halbig for being a DELIBERATE liar and fraud, who's lied same lies now numerous times, and has even falsified his resume' for listing, for example, serving as H.S. asst. principal and customs inspector at same time (back in 90s).

    JOhnson, Wade, and Spingola insist the "data-dump" report was NOT much redacted, and Wade, of course, continues to spout fm the report, presuming its truth. These aforementioned also bring-up some new little gems--like a 15 second vid showing Adam Lanza dancing which then purports to debunk any incompetence on Lanza's part for handling of weapons. Another tid-bit is that Ms. Lanza, Adam's mom, has been found for a signature on sign-in sheet at a gun-range near the area. (Golly gee, but sure has been good while for them to finally come-up w. such stuff, eh?)

    Johnson also took some pointed shots at J. Fetzer and his 10 questions on Sandy Hook, like about the "frequency-changes" for the responders' radio on day of the event.

    Of course, there's still NO direct evidence for Sandy Hook, no vids or pictures of Adam, no blood, no bodies.

    Wade insists there ARE pictures of victims' family-members w. Kleenex in their hands--I must admit the radio show (2hrs) was pretty effective for their consistent trashing of "truthers," esp. Halbig and also a bit about Fetzer, though, like I say, the bureaucrats and politicians in question continue to CRIMINALLY withhold info, etc., there still being NO direct evidence.

    "Wade" continues to insist the debunkers have "no evidence"--which rather misses the pt., the debunkers pt-ing out that it's the place of officials in Conn. to provide all the info and "evidence," which they pt-dly refuse to doing.

    I continue to have confidence in truthers, as of last session, above-recorded, to being able to handle and answer to all the discussion and details brought forth by Johnson, "wade," and Spingola--lots of neat stuff to talk about.

    Interestingly, I note Prof. Fetzer has come out (yest.) w. another neat article:

    Keep up ur great work, truthers. A.