Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Q and A with Donna Soto

Q. What are your thoughts on why there seems to be so much secrecy surrounding the demolition of the school?
A. I don't think there is, we were involved from the beginning

Q. Have you ever considered filing a lawsuit. If not, why?
A. no comment

Q. While I can certainly understand the personal aspect, don't you think it is important that the truth is told?
A. I believe we know the truth

Q. Have you and the other families spent a lot of time together?
A. No we live 90 miles away a few we talk to

Q. You handle yourself in a professional manner. Why do you find it necessary to utilize the services of Ryan Graney? Is she being paid?
A. Ryan is a friend, you don't pay friends do you? I don't

Q. There is speculation that Victoria was at one time pregnant. Is this true?
A. Victoria has never been pregnant, not that i think this is any of your or anyone else's concern 

Q. Are there any facets of the investigation/report that you feel are misleading or outright lies?
A. no

Q. Have you ever spoken with Peter or Ryan Lanza?
A. no

Q. What are your thoughts on Lenny Pozner releasing medical and school records for Noah?
A. I have no idea why he would do that its not my business

Q. Would you ever consider releasing the same for Vicki?
A. no

Q. Have you ever considered that you yourself and the other families were used in a bigger scheme?
A. no

Q. There are literally millions of people that think that this event was either faked or that the real truth has not been told. If you could say one thing to them what wouod it be?
A. I believe we know the truth. I wish these people would understand the pain and heartache we go through each and every day. vicki was the light of our lives and she is missed on a daily basis by so many people. People that think this way are of course entitled to their opinion and that is fine with me until they attack my family.


  1. One great question that needs be asked, and answer given is why Sandy Hook officials/authorities are willingly, deliberately committing crimes, refusing to divulge simple info--like regarding the questions W. Halbig has asked. Who was the contractor who provided and installed the vid-security system?--there's no reason this info shouldn't be made public.

  2. what contractor cleaned up the blood and med. waste? top secret?
    why were demo crews required to sign nondisclosure agreements about what they saw? again, secret stuff?
    the original 110 lb. weakling carried a heavy arsenal of ammo and guns into the school, shot his way through security glass w/ a very small caliber weapon (.223) while avoiding the new security cameras and not rearranging the furniture while also wearing a bullet proof vest?
    the m.e. said the holes in the victims from the .223 were huge. from bullets whose diameter is only slightly larger than a .22? and he was an amazing expert shot on top of it all? a lot to swallow.
    where are the Christmas decorations in the grammar school? I have examined many, many photos taken by the state police the next day and have yet to see anything which says mid- dec. in a grammar school containing +/- 500 kids.
    where /when did the 500 kids exit the school? no footage anywhere except one phony looking one.
    why the use of blue screens? some photos obviously doctored.
    one video shows the trunk of the car from above and behind (helicopter) and there are 2 obvious gun images in the trunk. lights go out and then there was one. (just saw that tonight first time.)
    2 sweat shirts on the ground, all 4 doors wide open and nobody gets to examine the car until after dark? what if there had ben a bomb in it? shoddy.
    26 people declared dead w/in a few minutes and no e.m.s. required at the school? did not hear about anybody on site qualified to pronounce anyone dead, much less EVERYONE.
    the state police pix of the computer room (and several others) pix showed me a classroom that had just been completed. computers and chairs all in perfect rows. everything insde the school looked like it had just had a military inspection. floors amazingly shiny. door hardware spotless. 500 kids? yeah, right.
    in most rooms there were books, boxes and other school junk piled high against the windows, several (6-7) feet tall. grammar school kids up under all that? probably part of what that school inspector guy was questioning and getting in trouble about. supossedly the school had several other environmental issues as well. older schools sometimes do. its pretty obvious that this school was being used for storage, and just had some facial const. touch-ups done.
    somewhere I saw somebody comment that the way-back machine reported that there had been no computer use in that school in years. that makes sense to me now that I have examined so much info.
    also, saw one local cops dash-cam (u-tube) as he was trying to locate the school. he had the stree name and school address but drove by it a couple times and had to keep retracing his route. you know, I've been wondering where barney went after leaving the force In mayberry.

  3. Every time Noah Pozner dies, I feel bad -- until I realize that boy keeps dying all over the world, at different "school shootings."
    Noah Pozner died at Sandy Hook (Newtown CT), then died AGAIN in Pakistan.
    If Lenny Pozner took better care of Noah, perhaps Noah would stop dying so often. I wonder what Veronique Pozner (the "mother") thinks of her son dying every 2 years.
    Is Veronique Pozner (Diplomat attached to Embassy of Switzerland in DC) pushing some kind of UN Agenda 21 Gun Control scam?