Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Did Eric and Laura Barden of Memphis Tennessee raise the Daniel Barden that died on December 14th, 2012?

*Submitted by Susan Stanton*

The first 30 minutes of my YouTube, Daniel Barden Still Alive ….,, provides the background information to understanding how I believe the Bardens in Memphis, Tennessee aided and abetted the  Bardens and Giblins in Connecticut in criminal activities surrounding the Sandy Hook Massacre on December 14, 2012. When I made the Youtube I believed this picture  below was from Ireland. I now believe this picture is from Tennessee or somewhere in the Blue Range Mountains. This document only makes sense if one watches at least the first 25 minutes of my YouTube.

 In case there is someone who doesn’t have YouTube access, the basic premise of the YouTube is that there are two different boys featured on Daniel Barden Memorial Websites as only one child that died on December 14, 2012. The question the YouTube presented was, “Who raised the smaller Daniel Barden? And which Daniel Barden is dead, and which one is alive?  

It is clear from the Website that Mark and Jacqueline raised the Larger Daniel who looks like my daughter’s identical twin. I reasoned if the parents of the smaller Daniel could be discovered and questioned as to where the Little Daniel is, Daniel’s grave could be dug up to see who exactly died that morning. My theory was that the larger Daniel was shipped somewhere right before the shooting to be hid. I think Mark sold most of the Bardens that the smaller Daniel was just a cousin. I think the smaller Daniel came for a Christmas “vacation” and ended up in a grave. 

The point? The point was to try to pretend the Larger Daniel was dead so that I couldn’t request a DNA Test to prove that he is my son. Stephen Sedensky labeled the Bardens and all the other families “victims” of child abuse. How convenient for Mark. I can’t request a grave to be dug up because Mark is a ‘victim” of child abuse. That’s insanely sick, but welcome to the insanity of Connecticut politics. Mark manages to hide a kidnapped boy at birth by pretending he is dead, and kills the other kidnapped boy so all the forensic DNA evidence is disposed of. Gun control was a major motivation , but I believe Mark had the extra  personal motivation to plan a school shooting to hide his crimes of felony kidnapping from 2005.

    So, to present moment. Last weekend I finally figured out who I believe raised Little Daniel and where.  I discovered Eric and Laura Barden of Memphis Tennessee as the most likely suspects in the kidnapping and murder of Little Daniel Barden via this picture.

I made what I thought was a positive identification of one Blaine Barden from Vancouver, Canada as the man squatting behind Mark Barden. I made this identification from Blaine Barden’s Facebook page. This was on Saturday, June 14, 2014. I then quickly contacted several of Blaine’s “friends” on Facebook asking if Blaine Barden had a son named Daniel. All responded back that he didn’t have any children. But because he is obviously close to Mark, I reasoned that one of his family members may be the Bardens who raised the Little Barden sacrificed on December 14, 2012.

I then google Blaine Barden and I find his mother “just died” on April 9th, 2014. I noticed several older Bardens dying after the slaughter in Connecticut, and it had occurred to me some of these deaths may have been caused by “grandparents” asking where their “little” Daniel was. Smelling foul play, I look at Blaine’s mother’s Dorothy Barden,  other children. I see she has a “daughter” Louise and allegedly a son in law, “Bill”. Well, lies, lies, and more lies. 

Whoever wrote the obituary was feeling a little guilty about Daniel, because it turns out, “Bill” is not her son in law, he is her son, one William Barden from Memphis Tennessee, and the daughter “Louise” is actually her daughter in law, Mary Louise Lonneman Barden, Executive Vice President of Corporate Banking  at First Tennessee Bank. Wealthy she is,  with banking connections. Now , the obituary lies again. The obituary claims that Dorothy has three grandchildren, Rochelle , Nicole , and Jordan. How bizarre because the obituary VERY conveniently omits William’s sons, Eric Barden and Justin Barden , as her grandchildren. Now I’m sniffing a mountain sized rat , so I look up Eric and Justin in Memphis to see if they may have raised Little Daniel. Well, Justin Barden in Memphis has two girls and no boys, so  I skip him and go to Eric.  Allegedly, Eric Barden has no children, but I look up his wife , Laura Marzahl Barden, and what do you know. She had just blocked all her pictures on Facebook right after I emailed Blaine’s friends in Vancouver Canada asking if Blaine had any sons.

Ah , trying to cover their tracks. The only picture I could open was her cover picture of palm trees and what do you know? This Facebook picture is from Costa Rica dated December 15, 2012. Interesting, her and Eric fled the country right after the slaughter. I’m thinking they wanted to be out of the country in case somebody from Memphis noticed Daniel gone. If I aided and abetted murder of 20 children I would leave the country too.

Laura dearest also blocked on Monday ALL HER FRIENDS names which she hadn’t as of Sunday, June 15, 2014. That’s because I started emailing some of Eric Barden’s friends asking them if Eric had a son named Daniel. Trying to cover her tracks. Red flag, red flag.

Also, when one looks up William Barden’s profile, Eric’s father, on a SIOR website, one finds William Barden listed as having Eric, 36 and Justin 34,  as his sons.  William is also listed as having THREE grandchildren. But Justin only has two daughters, so who is the mystery third grandchild? Wouldn’t be my son, would it? You know the little Daniel with dwarfism that was sent to his death by Mark and Jacqueline?

 Here is the picture evidence of all who know who raised my “Little” Daniel and all who are well aware there were two separate Daniel Bardens, and all who I believe participated in my son’s murder.

1   1.) Madeline Giblin O’Neill of Ridgefield , CT.

Above picture is Madeline with the “Little” Daniel I suspect was raised by Laura and Eric Barden in Memphis, Tennessee.

This is Madeline with the other Daniel Barden Mark and Jacqueline raised in Connecticut. These are clearly two separate boys. Same Madeline, different Daniel Bardens.

The little girl on the right is    Daniel’s  twin sister born July 25, 2005.

The above picture is Madeline”s Facebook picture. Do note she no longer feels the need to bleach her hair to pretend as if she might be the blond’s “Little” Daniel’s biological “Auntie”. By two to three Little Daniel’s hair had already started to darken, so Auntie Madeline and criminal Jacqueline could stop bleaching their hair pretending that this beautiful kidnapped baby was actually a “Barden”. I put Sumara and Sierra right below to reinforce who these beautiful twin boys belong to. . These super loaded Bardens  just had enough money to buy these boys from a criminal C section doctor named Dr. Joyner from Fort Lauderdale. Creephead. I vote for the death penalty for that doctor.

2.) Ms. Laura Marzahl  Barden

Above picture is Little Daniel in New York getting his face painted.

This above picture is taken on the same day with “Mom”. Note this woman IS NOT Jacqueline Barden. This woman looks like Laura Barden from Memphis Tenessee. Also note the clown’s number, (845) 807-6222. This woman may remember Daniel’s “Mother’s” name. Or at the least be able to identify Laura Barden from pictures.

This is the only picture I could find of Laura Barden because as soon as I started asking her husband’s friends if they had a son named Daniel, she IMMEDIATELY blocked access to all her Facebook pictures. If that doesn’t scream guilty as sin, I’m not sure what does.

And here we are at a wedding. I do believe that is Laura Barden again, Eric Barden is next to her,  Little Daniel, and bleach hair Jacqueline on the right.

This is Little Daniel, Laura Barden behind him and Eric Barden next to Laura.

This is the only picture from the Internet I could find of Eric Barden. He is a huge man. Maybe that’s why he agreed to letting “Little” Daniel be used for the slaughter. Maybe he was afraid people would question how on Earth he could have such a little guy. My little Sierra has the same super little legs Little Daniel has. She doesn’t have dwarfism, but she is 8 wearing 3 to 4 year old’s clothes. I point out her similarity to Little Daniel  in my YouTube. He would have fit in my family, but he didn’t fit in Laura and Eric’s. I believe that their fear of being discoverd  and potentially convicted of kidnapping was their motive to agreeing to murder. They probably reasoned they would never be prosecuted for kidnapping if they just got rid of “Little” Daniel via an “accidental” school shooting.

Here is another picture from the wedding to show this is the smaller Daniel with the slight form of dwarfism. Notice how super short his lower legs are in relation to the rest of his body.

The above left picture is Little Daniel. To the right is his fraternal twin that was raised in Connecticut. Not to kill the point I made over and over in my Youtube , but notice how the Daniel from Ct ‘s face is double the size of his brother’s and he has the straighter darker hair. Note too the guilt from Little Daniel’s “parents” that they constantly  cut out his lower legs to hide the dwarfism. It’s not accidental. It’s quite purposeful.

Even this picture of Little Daniel before the slaughter doesn’t look like this when you look at the What
Would Daniel Do Facebook page. They purposefully crop the lower half of this picture in the box. You have to double click the picture before you see his legs. Deception , deception, deception. This shows criminal intent. There is nothing “accidental” about what happened on December 14, 2012.

The above left picture shows the dwarfism, but again they crop the one directly below to hide try to hide their criminality.
The rest of these pictures are Little Daniel so that Detectives can question the Bardens, neighbors, friends etc., about who raised this Little Daniel , because it was not Mark and Jacqueline. They raised the larger Daniel Barden in Connecticut, not this beautiful little boy pictured below.

Notice again, they crop his lower legs to hide the dwarfism.

Beautiful, beautiful boy murdered on December 14, 2012 so that the Bardens could push gun control.

Mark with his future victim.

This picture is from Mark’s music Website. This is Mark’s sick sense of humor. He cut off Daniel’s hands with a photoshop program and then inserted the picture of Daniel mutilated into a kitchen sink. That picture made me vomit. That’s my son, and Mark is making fun of murdering him. That’s past sick.       

Beautiful Daniel above. His angelic fraternal twin sister is below him. His little sister is next to Sumara. Angelic babies. All of them are victims of Mark and the other Bardens obsession to push gun control at any cost.

Note as usual, the criminal intent to hide where this picture of Little Daniel is taken. Notice the license plates blurred. I thought at first this picture was taken in Canada. Now I suspect it was taken in Memphis.  

Again, notice the shame. They cut out the “Father’s” face, ( Eric Barden?  ) If the father wasn’t guilty of murder, why cut out his face? Also, again , note how they blur the background. They would only do this to hide where the boy grew up. Again, this would suggest a picture from a river boat in Memphis. Not a vacation spot. They wouldn’t need to blur a vacation destination background. 

I forgot to mention one other related family member who knew there were two different Daniels. This is Mr. Matthew Risoli. He is married to Jacqueline’s sister, one Christine Giblin Risoli. He is featured in many family pictures with both the little and big Daniel. The above picture is Little Daniel and Uncle Matt. The below picture is allegedly the Large Daniel. 

In any case, Matthew Risoli knew both Daniels. He aided and abetted murder. This man is allegedly a high school English teacher at Weston High School in Connecticut. That’s troubling in and of itself.

He wrote a sickening article on Facebook dated March 10, 2013 that made want to vomit after reading. Considering he aided and abetted murdering my son, Matt writing something “in honor” of Daniel is mind boggling. He titled his garbage, “A Love Story for Daniel, by Daniel’s Uncle, Matt Risoli”

I end this document with this picture of me and my heart broken little Sierra taken last week in a government office.  The Bardens can buy crooked doctors, corrupt cops on Maui, corrupt State workers, corrupt coroners ( Do you think Carver actually missed the boy with dwarfism? Actually in fairness to Carver, Daniel having dwarfism may have been why they left the bodies inside the school until night. They might have  switched out little Daniel’s body with a more normal child’s body in the dark or they just didn’t want Media taking pictures of the dead bodies. Maybe they wanted to leave the possibility in people’s heads that no one died in case they all got exposed), corrupt State Attorneys , corrupt Judges like Keith Tanaka on Maui who is nothing more than a criminal with a title of “Judge”, corrupt FBI, etc. etc. My girls have suffered unbelievably because of these criminal Bardens, and innocent children have been murdered, all in the name of taking guns away from the civilians. Memphis Police Department better not be buyable because I am done with rich white people buying “Law Enforcement” to look the other way, while they get away with murder, fraud, destroying the U.S. Constitution, etc.…  Enough.

For those unfamiliar with all the lies surrounding Sandy Hook, may I suggest the following eye opening Youtubes:
11.)  Sandy Hook Hoax Ultimate
22.)  Sandy Hook Mass Shooting: The Camouflage Pants Man.
33.)  Sandy Hook Hoax; The Picture. This has the picture of Little Daniel mutilated in a kitchen sink.
44.)   Sandy Hook Hoax Completely Revealed
55.)  Fake Sandy Hook Parents OOPS.
66.)  Sandy Hook Bizarre – New Evidence of Strange Goings on

Not to horrify people, but for all you “Truthers “ who think no one died and it was all a game, let me share with you some not amusing , non hoax like pictures of my body on the evening of March 21, 2014 after I had discovered two different Daniel Bardens and posted my document accusing Mark and Jacqueline of murder. They didn’t like that much, so very “accidentally” four pit bulls magically got unleashed from a neighbor’s house while I walked by. They had my scent and knocked me to the ground and tried to maul me to death. Turns out the owner of the pits was there watching me get mauled. I only lived because  I had just put an insane amount of Citronella essential oil on as a mosquito repellent. I think  I tasted bad so they released long enough for me to stand up and scream for help. Amazingly a courageous neighbor came out with a baseball bat and saved my life. I made my Youtube shortly thereafter because I realized my time on this earth may be limited by the Bardens wanting me to shut up about Daniel.

You Truthers complain that you want to see blood to prove that there are actually dead bodies? OK here you go. Feast your eyes. These people aren’t playing games.  I do think there are a lot of dead children from that morning. All the anomalies you “Truthers” say you don’t understand, are all explained in my YouTube. I believe this was a preplanned shooting with agendas, not a hoax. Information being kept confidential was to hide criminality, not because no one died.

I look like Frankenstein , but I’m grateful to be alive. And if you read this Mark,  F** you, you f**in child murderer. You are such a pathetic coward you don’t even have the courage to hurt me yourself. You resort to hiring a pathetic 25 year old  petty criminal to try to silence me because you are too cowardly to do it  yourself. God , you are a disgrace to the human race. If Dad was alive , he would have already shot you. You are a disgrace to Dad and the whole entire family. Shame on you, and shame on you for embarrassing your mother this way.


  1. Okay okay, so what's going on w. this?--this . . . story or article, whatever--it's surely out of left-field. Could we get some commentary by the blog-meister?

    Writing "shame on you" at the end of the text is a little pansy-like, given what's written before it.

    And trying to pretend there were kids killed at Sandy Hook by pt-ing to the dog-inflicted wounds is obviously ridiculous. I guess I'll look at the youTube vids asap (gotta go for right now), but this story by itself doesn't seem to make too much sense, I must say.

    Help us out here, blog-meister.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. "Help us out here , blog Meistersinger"? What are you, two?

      Do you suddenly not know how to read English?

      What part of watch the first 25 minutes of my YouTube do you not understand?

      What part of Mark posting a picture of Daniel mutilated in a kitchen sink on his own music website indicating serial murderer tendencies do you not understand?

      What part of Mark trying to pretend there is only one Daniel Barden when the WWDD website clearly shows two separate boys, do you not understand?

      The only ridiculous part of the blog site is your stupid comments that show the Bardens actually believe that if enough of them keep posting stupid comments they won't get investigated for murder. Keep dreaming sweetheart.

      By the way, the last message was to Mark Barden, not you you moron. So don't respond unless you are Mark. Again, your comments reveal an inability to comprehend basic English. Don't post if you don't know how to read a sentence and comprehend. Capeche?

    3. the video is taken down now so no one can see it. But I do hope you are OK. Be careful it's obvious they want you dead.

  2. My pt. is this stuff seems to be really quite removed fm Sandy Hook hoax where no one was killed, according to any evidence for Sandy Hook. So if Susan Stanton wants to say there were kids or people killed at Sandy Hook event, she needs to provide serious, basic evidence. Holding up dog-bite wounds as evidence for Sandy Hook is absurd.

    The rest of it really does seem to be entirely separate fm Sandy Hook, despite the connection w. the Barden parents and the alleged dead kid.

    "Capeche" at the end of last note just indicates lack of seriousness, as for the "moron" jibe, for "S. Stanton" person who seems quite un-hinged--though understandable under circumstances. THERE WAS NO ONE KILLED AT SANDY HOOK EVENT--the other stuff is irrelevant, though quite sad, obviously. I'll try to look at the vid all the way through, once again.

    1. You're saying that no children died. good luck proving that one. I'm sure there were children killed, and I think there are some that was not due to the murders did not have enough victims for their agenda (gun control) The more the better, if you don't have them fake some. I do know a couple of parents faked their children's deaths. I thought Daniel was faked also because missing arms and all with family photo's just don't make any since.

  3. I just went through first 10 mins of the vid cited at very top of the article--I don't think looking and listening to any more is necessary. "Susan Straton" seems to have no connection w. the Bardens, and no explanation for any connection is even offered.

    Plus, I note "Susan" is chuckling in the vid, so she doesn't seem to be taking her own story here very seriously even though she likes to present bloody pictures of alleged dog-bites and calling names--there are other problems too.

    The give-away for the psycho logic is holding up bloody, alleged dog-bite wounds as supposed proof for there being actual deaths at Sandy Hook.

  4. I also notice at very end of article by this "Susan Stanton" there's mention of "Dad" as if she may be related to Mark Barden. So this circumstance, if it's fact, ought to be clarified.

  5. New information on the 'death' of William Podgorski, the CT State Police Western District Commander, can be found on YouTube video entitled "Mystery Death of Sandy Hook Cop, June 23 2014 uploaded by livingonplanetZ

  6. This woman is claerly mad. It is most disconcerting that she has the custody of a small child.

  7. Sorry for your wounds. But you certainly got off easy compared to the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre. You lived to tell the tale. They did not. Their families are left to grieve, to feel the unimaginiable amount of pain. I'm sure you put yourself in the place of a parent and imagined your daughter's fear when a man entered her classroom. You imagined her shaking and crying for you as she watched her friends shot. Your daughter hid her face when she knew it was her turn. She felt the bullets like fire exploding inside her. She could not breath. Gasping, she falls to the floor. Surrounded by blood, her blood and those of her friends and teacher, her last moments were not in your arms, but she died in pain surrounded by moaning and death. Every parent who loves their child pictured this. We pictured ourselves going to that fire station and waiting and waiting. We pictured the funeral, We pictured sleeping in our child's bed, trying to fill our nostrils with their smells. Every scrap of paper, every piece of trash on their bedroom floor now becomes part of their memorial. We can't throw anything away. I'm sure you did with your daughter. And you know what.... what we can imagine when we have near death experiences like dog maulings, is nothing compared to grief and pain of living through the death of your child. There are those who cannot love, who cannot feel, who cannot understand the magnitude of Sandy Hook. And it's these people who think its a hoax. I feel so sorry for your daughter.

    1. You know what, Mark Barden, aka "Anonymous" you are sick and STUPID to an absolutely unbelievable level. You write in disgusting detail about a little girl getting shot , because?????? You are a fuckin sociopath????? No parent in their right mind would EVER write the garbage you just wrote.

      You are whining about Daniel's empty bed , and not being able to throw any of his stuff away after you hired a mercenary to slaughter 26 innocent women and defenseless children and you want people to feel sorry for you? Are you fucking kidding me?

      You know Mark, I am suddenly remembering the 60 minute interview,( which you utterly fucked up by the way) , where you went into GRAPHIC detail about imagining shooting children up in a classroom, and you smiled the whole time. See, Mark, Mr. NOT " Anonymous", only sociopaths talk about slaughtering little children and smile. That Interview on 60 Minutes was the STUPIDEST thing you and bimbo Jacqueline have ever done. Well, next to the PBS Interview, where you pretty much admitted you love to cut little kid's hands off before you kill them. My suggestion, Mark dearest, IS TO STOP TALKING, like completely tape your mouth, and leave the country, because no matter how many "Anonymous" STUPID postings you make, people think you are as guilty as sin. You know you are as guilty as sin.

      So what's your dumbass plan? You going to hire a Law Firm and claim you had NO IDEA there were two different Daniels? You going to claim you just "happened" to be talking about Gun Control TWO DAYS after the slaughter? Do you seriously think a jury will buy that the above regurgitation of details of blood and guts wasn't written by you? Do you think you can buy a jury, creephead? Take my word for it , Mark, There just aren't twelve humans sick enough to acquit your sorry ass.

      I have a suggestion. For once in your sorry life, stop hurting your daughter and leave the country, like forever, leave. You were talking to Natalie in your last sentence weren't't you, you sociopath. You killed Daniel, you traumatized my other son for the rest of his life, you've traumatized Natalie and James for the rest of their lives. Was it worth it, Mark? Your whole life has always been all about you. You don't even give a shit about your own family. Do you think Natalie will ever forgive you ? I don't.

      I don't feel sorry for your daughter, Mark Barden, because soon you will be in jail for the rest of your life, and Natalie can actually lead a normal child's life, instead of the fucked up life you have forced her to lead. I am sure someday Natalie will feel VERY grateful to her Aunt Susan for putting her sick father in jail where he belongs.

      Any more graphic comments you want to make about slaughtering little children, Mark Barden, " Anonymous" Mark Barden? Come on Mark, you are soooo brave when you post behind fake names. Tell us more about what the mercenary did that morning in Daniel's classroom. You obviously have ALL the details down. You've almost got them memorized. I hear sociopaths like to rerun murders over and over in their head . Gives them endorphins, or so I hear. Did you get a rush of endorphins after you wrote that "anonymous" posting Mark?

  8. This story is really hard to follow. Im sorry for your loss of your child. I am to assume your twins were taken from you, or just the boy? And you believe they were kidnapped by the Barden's? Either way you have the wrong picture of Mark listed. That guy is not him.

  9. Susan PLEASE contact me, I can help you find information

  10. So watch the PBS/Independant Lens documentary 'Newtown'. If after watching it any part of you could even conceive that this event was a hoax then you are as mentally ill as the killer himself. Dozens of people from every aspect of involvement, relatives, first responders, medical personnel, law enforcement, school janitorial staff and many others are all involved in a gigantic, scripted, coordinated conspiracy where all of them can barely speak through the tears. If you don't cry through most of it there're something evil inside of you.

  11. Seek help. You are a complete and total lunatic.