Monday, July 14, 2014


(by An Anonymous Friend of Sandy Hook Hoax and Insanemedia)

How about a game of Venn Diagram?

Real Massacres have:
 - 911 calls
 - ambulances
 - police
 - guns
 - bullets
 - bodies
 - blood
 - autopsies
 - autopsy reports
 - funerals
 - fundraisers

Complicated massacre Drills might, but do not necessarily, have:
 - FAKE 911 calls
 - ambulances
 - police
 - guns
 - bullets
 - NO bodies/actors playing dead/mannequins/x-marks-the-dead-guy-spot tape on the floor
 - NO blood/FAKE blood
 - NO autopsies
 - NO autopsy reports
 - NO funerals
 - NO fundraisers

 Hoax massacres probably have:
 - FAKE 911 calls
 - ambulances
 - police
 - guns
 - bullets
 - NO bodies/actors playing dead/mannequins/x-marks-the-dead-guy-spot tape on the floor
 - NO blood/FAKE blood/real blood but unrelated to the "victims"
 - NO autopsies
 - FAKE autopsy reports
 - FAKE funerals
 - fundraisers

Sandy Hook cannot be a drill, because Drills do not have fundraisers. So lets talk about Massacres and Hoaxes.

Hoaxes and Massacres have these facts in common: 911 calls, ambulances, police, guns, bullets and fundraisers. 

- Are the 911 calls fake? 
Yes but I don't think we have proof of that yet.

- Do the EMT's say there were no bodies? 
Possibly, so far there are no whistle-blowers.

- Do the police admit it's a hoax? 
Possibly, so far there are no whistle-blowers.

- Are the guns planted, stolen or purchased for the hoax? 
It's unclear.

- Are the fundraisers for children who don't exist? 
Maybe someone will find a 20-year-old Emilie Parker. Maybe we'll find that David Wheeler is married to someone besides Michelle. For now, we have no proof.

The remaining facts that distinguish a Massacre from a Hoax are:
 - bodies? or, NO bodies/actors playing dead/mannequins/x-marks-the-dead-guy-spot tape on the floor
 - blood? or, NO blood/FAKE blood/real blood but unrelated to the "victims"
 - autopsies performed? or, NO autopsies performed
 - legitimate autopsy reports? or, FAKE autopsy reports
 - dead people buried at the funerals? or, FAKE funerals

What can we conclude from these facts?

Evidence of bodies is redacted except for the photo of Nancy's body bag;  the photos of Adam's clothing; and the photo of Adam's hip, leg and shoe. There is no evidence of actors, mannequins or x-marks substituting for bodies.

Blood, or “BLS” (blood like substance, or, "it might be blood, it's hard to tell from the picture"): 
Photographic evidence of blood is redacted except for the following: drips and lines of BLS on the school floors; a stain at the entrance to Room 10; a rectangle of blood on Nancy's bed; possible blood on a pillow; some BLS lines behind the bed. Blood is missing from Adam's hat except possibly right below the bullet hole..

The autopsies, reports and funerals are dependent on bodies and blood. Disprove the bodies and blood, and the autopsies, report and funerals would then be fake. The absence of evidence proving bodies does not mean bodies don't exist. It means we lack the redacted information. We can't say.


Massacre inputs are guns and bullets. Massacre outputs are bodies and blood.

Hoax blood will differ in quantity, location and patterns from Massacre blood. It's easier to redact photos of no blood than to stage the quantity and position of fake blood. The little blood we do see is all that we can analyze. 

Given the weapons, ammunition and proximity of the weapons to the deceased, does the blood make sense?

The children were shot with a Bushmaster .223 XM15-E2S rifle. We have no unredacted photographic evidence of children or their immediate environment. There are no unredacted Bushmaster-related photos to analyze. We can come to no conclusions.

Nancy was shot four times point blank with a .22 Savage Mark II rifle. The bullets entered her left eye and forehead. The unredacted photographs include images of Nancy's bed, headboard, nightstand,  pillow, and carpet; and her body bag with a nose showing through the plastic. 

Sec 1 - Initial Reports.pdf p. 10
North of the closet is the master bedroom sleeping area. A king sized bed is located with the headboard against the east wall. An adult white female is observed lying supine on the bed with obvious trauma to the head.... There is a blood like substance (B.L.S.) observed on the muzzle of the rifle.... There are small drops of B.L.S. observed on all items on the night stand. There are BLS drops observed on the east wall The BLS. drops appear to be traveling upwards and south away from the head area of the deceased. There is a small amount of BLS drops observed on the ceiling above the deceased near the east wall.... The deceased's head is turned south to its side. There is blood [redacted] consistent with her position. BLS [redacted] is observed on her pajama shirt and around her head on the bedding.  An orange, white and green bath towel is under the deceased's head. The towel is covering a pillow...

The bloody sheets and towel are not included in the unredacted photos. But the bed, headboard, wall, carpet and nightstand are included. 

The photos show two lines of blood on the wall behind the bed. There does not appear to be any blood on the headboard. There's a rectangle of blood on the bed itself. The nightstand has four visible spots of blood. The carpet has one spot of blood. 

Is it possible for the headboard to be free of blood? Is it possible for the nightstand to have only four spots of blood? Is there any chance there's more blood there but the camera didn't pick it up?

If Nancy was shot four times with a point blank .22 caliber rifle, is it possible for the headboard, nightstand, carpet, wall and bed to have the quantity and pattern of blood in these photos? The conclusion must account for the possibility that the majority of the blood is seen in the redacted evidence. 

Given the inputs, is it possible for the headboard, wall, nightstand, sheets (that we can see) and carpet have as little blood as they do? Does the blood we do see make the expected pattern?

Adam was shot one time point blank with a Glock 20SF 10mm. The bullet entered the back right of the head, or the right temple, depending on which source you read. There is a picture of an oil-like stain at the entrance to the room. The body pictures are all redacted except one.
Pictures show Adam's hip, leg and a gun with no visible blood. The evidence markers indicate blood was found on his shirt, pants and shoes.  One officer described the injury as “a small hole.” The picture of Adam's hat shows a small hole and two hairs. There's a stain below the hole that might be blood.

The input is a Glock 20SF 10mm point blank gunshot to the head. The bullet exited Adam's head and hat. The autopsy report mentions brain hemorrhages and skull fractures. The hat landed on the carpet. There appears to be no blood anywhere surrounding the hat except for a stain underneath the hole. There are two hairs in the hole.

Is it possible for the 10mm bullet produced the hole seen in Adam's hat? Is it possible for there to be no blood on the carpet around the hat? 

The power of the false massacre is in its emotional impact upon the voters. As false flag researchers, we easily see the government's hand behind many recent massacres. The government is powerless to manipulate us because we know better. 

Once a huge chunk of the population is aware of the problem, the events will cease to have an effect. The hoax will lose its power when enough people can see it for what it is.

Americans are trained to believe in the power of forensic evidence. Hundreds of television shows speak of DNA, blood spatter and ballistics. Forensic evidence is used in court. It's the hard evidence required to convict the guilty of crimes. As bizarre as Carver and Parker are, we can't prove anything by their behavior. Forensic evidence makes the strongest argument. 

Is there anything wrong with the blood evidence seen in  Nancy's bedroom or Adam's hat?  Is it possible for the hole in Adam's hat to be as small as it is? Is it possible the view we do have of the sheets on Nancy's bed has as little blood as it does? Are we able to see enough of the sheets and pillow to draw any conclusions?

Forensic evidence has the most power to convince others that Sandy Hook is a lie. I hope that experts will add their remarks to the comments so that we can prove once and for all that this “massacre” is really a Hoax.  When enough people shrug their shoulders at the latest horrible “massacre,” the false flag will lose its power. That is when these government-sponsored attacks on the American people will stop.


  1. Does this experiment of the use if the hoax extend into the media aftermath coverage?
    I speak of the recent Adam Heller and other such stories, are these stories real? Or part of the pysop itself , a continuing of the experiment in contrived and carefully staged terror , they prose of which is to collect date on their effectiveness on the public and their rense, as well as the effectiveness in persuading political action be taken based upon the script in play?

    I speak of the Adam Heller story as does memoryhole who recently did a article on the Adam Heller arrest. please notice the hallmark portrait that has been provided of the "teacher" and how it looks more like a cheap portrait of a survivorlist mad gun hoarder who lives up in the hills somewhere
    I mean this portrait of mr Heller is quite strange don't you think, check out the dirty t short he wears
    Who does not shave and wears a muddy t shirt for such a hallmark portrait, the whole thing looks damn freaky, and as I said, he looks like some mad gun loving survivorlist livin up at a compound in the hills than a school teacher.
    Plus on top of the freaky portrait, you have the unberlievable story of his forced incarceration and forced medication and psychopathic treatment by the mentally deranged big pharma people.

  2. Power Of Inductive Logic, Especially For Investigations

    This is another fantastic analytic expo by HoaxAtSandyHook.

    Note perhaps the most important thing is that folks understand the investigation and HOW investigations properly work--and how then people must begin to grasp and understand.

    For it (investigation) is INDUCTIVE (generalization) process--same as for SCIENCE. Thus (a) little bits, details, and particular facts are collected--and a general conclusion is made based upon this evidence. (b) THEN the conclusion/theory is tested, and one tries to DIS-PROVE it.

    And necessary conclusion is Sandy Hook "massacre" is fraud and hoax--as all evidence pt.s to it, and any other "evidence" doesn't hold-up.

    So now, all we need do is to "sell" this understanding about induction, science, etc., to the public--and, additionally, to showing how all the major players of establishment work sedulously to AVOID this public svc and education, and rather to confusing, diverting, and dis-informing the public. Thanks again for ur great blog and info--keep it up, by golly. A.

  3. Info-War Is Being Won, Slowly Perhaps, But Steadily Nonetheless--Thanks To Heroes Like HoaxAtSandyHook

    Given my first comment above, assuming it will be published, an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT pt. and CONCLUSION must be drawn--NECESSARILY.

    And that is that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE, NONE, to effect there was real crime committed of nature claimed by the advocates of the hoax--NOTHING--no bodies, blood, or anything WHATSOEVER.

    All the "evidence" pushed by the frauds and hoaxes is inconclusive, notional, speculative, and circumstantial at best.

    Was it Nancy Lanza's (or anyone else's) blood?--well then, what's the analysis of the blood?--what was its type, etc.?--does it match any prior record of a Nancy Lanza and her blood?--her family?--brothers or sisters or parents?

    What were, and where are the bullets in question?--can they be proven to have been shot fm the guns alleged to belong to Lanzas?

    Pt. is THERE'S NO EVIDENCE--NONE--and everything that might provide evidence is being covered-up (a), and (b) further, it's being covered-up ILLEGALLY by the public officials in question, TOTALLY against the law. (c) Further still, mass-media is helping the fraud/hoax.

    So actually, when everything is considered--esp. regarding these illegal refusals of gov. officials for disclosing the evidence, we see the TRUE PICTURE which is that of gross fraud, hoax, and criminal conspiracy, esp. on part of gov. officials.

    Further, this PICTURE, above-noted, is being suppressed by the mass-media. And now we only have the informal media, like HoaxAtSandyHook and others to DRAMATIZE these most pertinent facts to the public, say about how the inductive, scientific, and proper investigative process works, and what it gives in way of info (or "PICTURE," as I emphasize).

    Thus the inductive evidence for fraud/hoax is OVER-WHELMING, in all truth and honesty.

    So far, I'd say, progress for people's info may be slow, but it's un-questionably steady and telling, esp. w. the steadfast efforts of HEROES, literally, of the "info-war," to take a phrase fm dear old fat-head Alex Jones. Keep up ur great work. A.

  4. Brendan Hunt uses fake duplicate account story
    To make yet another attack on a sandy hook researcher covertly
    By attacking Sofia small storms visit to sandy hook video and saying she is trying to duplicate his video
    Then he again resumes his attacks by naming all the previous people he has attacked bore hoard
    Then appeals for unity of purpose and anchorages people to post more sandy hook exposing videos and for everyone to unite
    He is a very clever snake

  5. Dear Erik, TM or Swan
    Why have you not posted the new photographic evidence of the drill at st rose of lima that shows the police acting as shooters with their hands up?
    This evidence makes the media story look like the lie it is, and not only that, but it also shows Monsignor Weiss the head of the st rose school look like the lair he is, as he describes leaving his children safe in lockdown that morning before he fled to the sandy hook hoax media pysop to fool the gullible public. By virtue of his Roman Catholic deceptive regalia and title.

  6. You are sinister nutjobs.


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  9. Has anyone studied the trajectory of blood in Nancy's room? In the final report it states that the 4 bullets were retrieved during autopsy. Meaning back spatter. Yet there seems to be barely any at all. Strange thing, what we do see doesn't appear to be at the angle we should be seeing. It should be an / pattern not \. That long drip has always bugged me too. It shows 3 clots indicating that there was a lot at the point of impact. But, there is not point of impact. Her mattress was very tall as well. In order for that drip to occur, the blood would have had to travel up, over and behind the headboard. Nothing we are seeing in her room indicates that she was shot 4 times in the head by a rifle to the right side of her bed at close range. To me anyways.