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The Mysterious Deaths, Detainments and Disappearances of Sandy Hook Players

The Mysterious Deaths, Detainments and Disappearances of Sandy Hook Players

Tony Mead

Over eighteen months have passed since the event known as the Sandy Hook Massacre transpired. Amazingly, there has still been no conclusive evidence put forth by any of the families affected or the investigators involved to dispel the many 'conspiracy theories' that have evolved from the event. In fact,new mysteries seem to expose themselves even more as time passes by.

From Douglas Cottle, who died Sept29, 2012, at age 62 to Michael Bellmore, who died May 3, 2014 at age27, more questions than answers seem to arise. The Connecticut State Police Commander, the Connecticut State Police Commissioner, the Western Connecticut State Police Commander as well as the Connecticut State Medical Examiner have all been eliminated from the story either by retiring or death. What better way to cover up any possibility of ever disclosing the truth? What better way to perpetuate conspiracy theories?

(Douglas Cottle)

Perhaps the death of Douglas Cottle was an unfortunate incident compounding the grief of Alissa Parker when she lost her daughter Emilie in the Sandy Hook tragedy. He was her father and the Grandfather of Emilie. He was a 62 year old dentist from Ogden, Utah who sustained serious injuries while participating in his ninth LOTOJA 206 mile bicycle race on Sept 9,2012. According to his daughter, she thinks another racer may have clipped his tire, throwing him off the bike where he crash landed on his face. His face suffered over 30 fractures! Perhaps if repeatedly beaten with a tire iron, one could sustain 30 fractures. I find it highly improbable that a fall from a bicycle could inflict such injuries.(1)

Nevertheless, Mr. Cottle was sent to an 'elderly care' facility after being released from the hospital, apparently because the VA hospital was full. Mr. Cottle was reportedly combative at times at the center as he repeatedly tried to rip out his feeding tube, despite their attempts to restrain him. He was uncooperative and reportedly tried to stand on his own, against the advice of his physician, which led to his falling down and sustaining yet another head injury. This time his injuries proved fatal and he died on Sept 29.

Was this a case of a terrible accident (there hadn't been a fatal accident in LOTOJA'S 30 years of racing), compounded by a lack of critical care rendered to an apparently healthy individual (prior to the race), or was it the apparent removal of a person who may have had foreknowledge and was unwilling to participate in such an endeavor as the Sandy Hook Hoax? From all of the nice things said about him in his obituaries, I truly believe this was a good man. His may have been the first of the many Memorial Funds yet to come to the participants from Ogden, Utah. You can still donate: http://dougsmemorial.org/Site/Welcome.html

(William Podgorski)

At least in the case of Mr.Cottle, there is somewhat of an explanation as to the events and injuries that led to his demise. More recently, the death of William Podgorski, the CT State Police Western District Commander, who was also a Lead Investigator in the Sandy Hook incident remains unexplained. He died after a 'brief, undisclosed illness' followed by surgery on Monday, June 16 at Yale-New Haven Hospital at the age of49. According to a friend of mine who had seen Bill Podgorski just a short time before his death, he appeared in perfect health. No further information has been released regarding this sudden death.(2)

(Michael Bellmore)

This Yale-New Haven Hospital was also the place where Reporter Michael Bellmore breathed his last breath on May 3, 2014 after being relieved of his duties as a New Haven Register Journalist and reduced to a consultant to the Town of New Hamden. Judging from the credits on his obituary, this kid was a talented, aspiring journalist, who would never leave such an admirable job at the Register to become a 'consultant'. Perhaps he was asked to leave. He was involved in the earliest reporting on the Sandy Hook shooting and was there on Dec 14 according to his TwitterFeed. He was also present when both Gov. Malloy and Pres. Obama addressed the city of Newtown in the aftermath. How does a 27 year old die so suddenly and inexplicably and again – in the care of Yale-New Haven Hospital ?(3) Did he stumble into something he shouldn't have ?

(JoAnn June Egletes)

Some of the mysterious deaths occurring in the past 18 months are not as obviously connected to the Sandy Hook incident. Take for example JoAnn June Egletes, the secretary of Irving Pinsky, who was the attorney who initiated a lawsuit against the State of Connecticut for $100,000,000 on behalf of a 6 yr old child that was traumatized by the incident. Despite his acting on behalf of an affected child, he was immediately vilified, chastised and threatened. He even had gunshots fired through his office. He withdrew the lawsuit citing the need for further investigation. I wonder who would have the motive and the means (guns) to enact such an act of terror on his office.(4)
His secretary JoAnn June Egletes,died Sept 21, 2013 again at Yale-New Haven Hospital. Again, I have yet to find an explanation as to the death of this 53 year old woman. It would sure be an effective way to intimidate Mr Pinsky from reconsidering that lawsuit.(5)

It sure seems odd that the deaths of Egletes, Podgorski, and Bellmore all occurred at Yale-New Haven Hospital as well.

(Scott Getzinger)

These deaths supplement the other few mysteries surrounding Sandy Hook, such as the death of Scott Getzinger, who was the props manager for the Batman Movie (in which the map showing 'Sandy Hook was shown). He died after sustaining non-life threatening injuries in a car crash on April 7, 2012. The investigation of his death still has not been completed.(6)

There is also the case of Robert Hoagland, who went missing July 28, 2013 and has not been seen since!(7) He went missing when his wife was in Turkey for a 17 day excursion. With all of the mysterious $0 real estate transactions that have occurred and the odd number of homes owned by individual families and corporations, it is certainly relevant that Robert Hoagland was a Real Estate agent in Newtown. Despite various criticisms levied against Vision Government Solutions and their explanation that the zero dollar amounts assigned to various transactions was some sort of a 'glitch', they have since revitalized all of their data, and yet the zero dollar amounts remain!

I'm not sure why Robert Hoagland's wife was in Turkey when he disappeared, but it is quite curious when you compare that fact to the case of Phillip Marshall, the 911Truther who mysteriously killed his 2 children before killing himself while his wife was reportedly traveling abroad in – yes- you guessed it – Turkey! (8)

The untimely deaths of some of these involved parties is accented by the removal of other key players who have removed themselves by retiring from their positions making them unavailable to be held accountable for the roles that they played.

(Wayne Carver)

Wayne Carver is perhaps the most notorious of these participants. After threatening in 2011 to resign from his position, he abruptly changed his mind and agreed to stay on. After lobbying against the passage of Bill 1054 (the Bill to prevent the release of pediatric autopsies), he suddenly had a change of heart there as well and supported it's passage. As the awkward and sometimes imbecilic spokesman to the press, he will always be remembered for that famous quote- “ I just hope that the people of Newtown don't have it come crashing down on their heads later.”

Wayne Carver retired May 1, 2014, but has stayed on to help his successor and to complete his cases. He claims he also wants to stay on in a part time capacity. Seems like he's retiring without retiring completely.(9)

(Reuben F. Bradford)

Next we have the State Police Commissioner Reuben F Bradford who shocked everyone by announcing his retirement prior to the release of the CT State Police Report on the Sandy Hook School Shooting. He was not very popular amongst the CT State Police as he and Danny Stebbins (the CSP Commander) were the first to receive a vote of 'No Confidence' from other State Troopers for the first time in its 109 year existence in June of 2012!(10) Commissioner Bradford also headed up the States Emergency Services and was quoted as saying "The horror and unspeakable sadness of that day and the lives that were lost will never be forgotten," in a letter that accompanied the release of the long awaited 'Official Police Report'.(11)

(Danny Stebbins)

Danny Stebbins, who was vilified for releasing information about the Sandy Hook incident at a conference in New Orleans that was apparently meant to be kept confidential, also announced his retirement. He will be gone at the end of June, 2014.(12) Gov. Dannel P. Malloy credited outgoing State Police Col. Danny Stebbins with guiding the agency through the“unimaginable” and difficult period following the Sandy Hook shooting.(13)

Both Stebbins and Bradford were Appointees of Gov. Malloy and were directly responsible for signing off on the release of critical evidence and information in the Sandy Hook Shooting!(14) Now that they are gone will they still be held accountable if it is shown that some of this information was incorrect?

(Lt. George Sinko)

     Lt. George Sinko, who was working a side job directing traffic at a construction site on Dec. 14 and failed to report to Sandy Hook School until 2 hours after he was informed of the shooting, retired at age 49 in May of this year. He was reprimanded by Police Chief Michael Kehoe for his delayed response in 2012, but not severely enough according to his peers. When he was placed on administrative leave after an accident in April, he decided not to return to the Newtown Police force.  Kehoe stated that he was "Not surprised" by Sinko's decision. Another one bites the dust.(24)

(David Fein)

David Fein, the State's Top Prosecutor and Presidential Appointee also saw the aftermath of Sandy Hook as the perfect time to move on. Fein was involved with Eric Holder and Governor Malloy in implementing Project Longevity (a program designed to combat gun violence). He was also heavily involved in the investigation and pursued anyone who stood to capitalize on the deaths of those children (except, of course, the parents).(15)

Fein stepped up to the plate when a woman posing as the aunt of Noah Pozner was arrested for trying to solicit funds in his memory. "This arrest should serve as a warning to anyone who attempts to profit from this tragedy by contriving fraudulent schemes that exploit the victims, their families and individuals who sincerely want to help," said U.S.Attorney DavidFein. (16)
Despite denying any wrongdoing and saying she was 'set up', Nouel Alba was sentenced to 8 months in prison and 2 years probation.(17)She had only collected $240 and reportedly returned the money. U.S. attorney Jonathan Francis argued for prison time, saying Alba's actions had caused emotional harm to the community and created a chilling effect on charitable giving.(17)
"It's a callous, calculating attempt to profit off the murder of children," he said. I guess the millions of dollars donated to the United Way and the Sandy Hook Promise are viewed in a different light. Obviously, David Fein was serious!

So, as key role players in the Sandy Hook School Shooting continue to disappear, we are left to wonder exactly who, if anyone will be left to answer questions that remain un-addressed. 

(J. Paul Vance - Stephen Sedensky)

Stephen Sedensky, the 'Lead Investigator' and J Paul Vance, the CT State Police Spokesman are two of the few that remain as the number of involved parties continues to dwindle.

If there is an attempt to conceal information from the Public, one of the most effective ways to accomplish that would be to remove the involved parties that have access to key information. Those that refuse to cooperate by retiring or resigning may be coerced or silenced in different ways. Here I have been able to cite only those parties whose stories have made it into the newspapers and local media. Who knows what other stories remain undisclosed to the public?

Another effective method of concealing evidence is to discourage anyone from asking questions in the first place. Remember that J Paul Vance, the CT State Police Spokesman said early on that anyone sharing 'misinformation' on Social Media would be prosecuted (18).

What better way to control a situation than to make it illegal to disseminate information unless it comes from an 'Official Source'. This, despite the fact that all of the early information from Mainstream Media came from “un-named or anonymous” sources!

(Jonathan Reich)

As time has passed, we have seen examples of the persecution of, if not the prosecution of, people that do question the Official Story. One of the most intriguing cases is that of YouTube videographer Scotty Walker (AKA Jonathan Reich). Jonathan was arrested in May of 2013 for allegedly making 'threatening' phone calls to the Coroner's Office as well as to certain families affected by the Sandy Hook Tragedy.(19) You can listen to his phone call to Wayne Carver's office here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqpKtuX0lfM

It seems to me that Jonathan has some pretty legitimate questions that should have been asked by any responsible journalist in regards to the Coroner's role in the passing of Bill 1054, which made it possible for the State to deny access to pediatric autopsy reports and is probably the most compelling evidence of pre-planning involved with the Sandy Hook Hoax. Dr Carver has never answered any questions regarding this, primarily because Jonathan was the only person with enough courage to ask him. Dr Carver refused to even get on the phone with him, although he was obviously in the room with his assistant when the call was received.

(Lily Gaubert - NOT Allison Wyatt)

Jon also had contacted the Allison Wyatt Memorial Fund to ask them why they had mistakenly used the picture of Lily Gaubert to promote their fund raising efforts. Didn't anyone realize that they were using the wrong child's photo for nearly 2 weeks? Surely the parents had some involvement with their own child's memorial fund- didn't they?

Jonathan was then harassed by the local New York Police (where he lives) and told that he would be arrested and held on $250,000 bond unless he drove himself to Connecticut and turned himself in to be held on a lesser $50,000 bond. Because he was so afraid and didn’t want to jeopardize his family, he complied. He has since spent nearly $50,000 on attorney fees due to the fact that his hearing has been scheduled and then postponed at the last minute a total of 9 times so far. This sure seems a bit extreme for what is considered as a Class C Misdemeanor (the lowest of crimes) in Connecticut. (20)

More recently it has been revealed that a person could face detainment and even further punishment just for simply speaking about the possibility that all is not as it seems regarding the Sandy Hook story.

A school teacher from Pound Ridge, NY was recently accosted by police, taken to the hospital and involuntarily detained for over a week of 'psychological evaluations ' where it was then determined that he somehow presented a risk to the community.(21) These allegations all came about as a result of his alleged online communications with an acquaintance on a Words With Friends App. Whether or not this acquaintance reported directly to the FBI or whether his communication was somehow monitored remains to be revealed. Despite the subsequent findings that he is mentally competent, the Bedford School District terminated his employment on May 12, 2014. He has since initiated a lawsuit to get his job back.(22) Hopefully his lawsuit will lead to some legal discussion and a better understanding of the events surrounding Sandy Hook and the lack of disclosure.

History is being created before our very eyes. I encourage the reader to take the time to read the Wikipedia account of the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting. There you will find a collection of nonsensical information that is presented as fact.(23)

When we realize that laws are being written and society is being manipulated as a result of what happened on that fateful day, it becomes obvious that we have a responsibility to become informed of what actually transpired at Sandy Hook. After 18 months of research, the only thing that I am convinced of is that I do not know the Truth.

* Tony Mead is one of the Admins of the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook Page *(http://www.facebook.com/HoaxAtSandyHook)

14.                http://www.ct.gov/despp/cwp/view.asp?A=4226&Q=517284


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjJxk77YByo MYSTERY DEATH OF SANDY HOOK COP -

  2. New information on the 'death' of William Podgorski, the CT State Police Western District Commander, can be found on YouTube video entitled "Mystery Death of Sandy Hook Cop, June 23 2014 uploaded by livingonplanetZ

  3. New information on the 'death' of William Podgorski, the CT State Police Western District Commander, can be found on YouTube video entitled "Mystery Death of Sandy Hook Cop, June 23 2014 uploaded by livingonplanetZ

  4. Fantastic article. Well done.

  5. The world knows this was a farce from the very start and all the players are running scared.. They didn't even put a little effort to make this not stink. Bad show liars and maybe next time you can do a better job lying to the world. Best part is, not one thing changed about gun laws and we still have the power in our hands to defend ourselfs against these criminals and traitors to America. Stand strong against these devils and remember...Shot first and don't worry about any questions later. Time to thin the heard and frre the world of these low lifes who tried and failed. Sandy Hook never happened and the proof is everywhere.

    1. unfortunately there are many people who beleive this happenned. Plus the players go around to schools giving speeches about "the incident'. I live in CT .Newtown is a very rich community. there is fractional diversity. So if you are black or peurto rican or anything but a white person you will stick out like a sore thumb and the police will follow you around. Outsiders are NOT welcome except to spend money at all their new businesses. Young people get klilled in Waterbury ,New Haven and bridgeport but no one cares or begs money. Furthermore nobody knows any of the "victims" personally Its always a friend of a friends cousins sisters friend. We live in the city and Gun control is not going to stop the gangstas and preditors from having Guns. i would have liked to see them try to pull this in one of the hoods. the kids would kill the shooter--utter nonsense

  6. Spooky article.. Might add some research about the turnover rate in each of these positions in sandy hook and other places to make it even more obvious that things don't add up, but I believe they don't!

  7. very well done article

  8. Part 1

    Brendan Hunt is so sad I wrote this.

    They failed.

    By X-ray vulture

    Is Brendan Hunt to be trusted now?

    Part 1

    There is a concerted group effort to attack the sandy hook research community.
    many of the top researchers have come under attack in various forms, all the attacks are powerless, money is involved , powerful forces are backing it.
    There is a lot at stake.

    Hunt just offered a $1000 , to draw attention to his youtube page basically.
    they are desperate to counteract the millions and still thousand of people who have been made aware by the millions of video views exposing the sandy hook hoax by the many,
    Yes many many, many , researchers who are posting real concrete evidence of the hoax at sandy hook, as well as exposing many of the other recent shooting hoaxes around the USA and even in Canada.

    The main target of the dis info agents such as Hunt and Wade and the group they are associated with, is the sandy hook massacre hoax, as that is the ultimate hoax that pushes all the other agendas, and if that card falls, the whole house comes down, and so they all are doing their utmost to try and make the research communities very successful efforts to get the message out to the public ,stopped in its tracks by the mainstream media sabotaging the facts to make the larger public turn away, and see it all as a circus.

    In short I believe there is a plan by a mainstream counterattack on the success of the growing awareness of these hoaxes.

    Continued in part 1 b

    1. Part 1b

      They did a little of it before , just after the hoax happened , using James Tracy
      A man who's very job in effect and by virtue of his position and speciality is to promote the mainstream media as a valuable source of information.
      The job James Tracy does May seem admirable but in the end it plays into the hands of the mainstream media and gives them a power message.
      It should be noted that the success of reaching millions and educating them about the sandy hook hoax, owes NOTHING to the mainstream media, but owes everything to the unflinching consistent hard work of various you tubers and bloggers who reached millions and millions with the truth as it was uncovered by their own hard laborious research of the final report with its endless un indexed data dump of complete Horseshit , and it was THEY who made millions aware about the hoax that was the so called sandy hook massacre, NOT The MAINSTREAM MEDIA that is the focus of the CNN interviewee James TRACY, who's job is to criticise and promote the mainstream as the only source of credible media.
      Or we are left with the infiltrated by CIA/ and nazi message racist groups of our so called alternative media
      But in the case of reaching millions about the sandy hook hoax fraud



      Continued in part 2

    2. Brendan Hunt is presented as one face of the "Sandy Hook truth movement" by Salon online. Interesting to see how much attention he's getting. http://www.salon.com/2013/03/20/sandy_hook_truthers_are_not_giving_up/

  9. Part 2

    Recently the groups attacking the sandy hook researchers wrote an article distancing themselves from WADE, a disinfo agent who is paid to attack sandy hook truth and who was and still is working with them, but they had a change of heart and thought it the wrong strategy.
    After they decided to keep wade in their group and not separate him
    And removing that post distancing themselves from him
    They told Brendan that he has to convince he is separate from wade

    You see all of them were and still are , working together on those sites, attacking sandy hook researchers and sharing material with each other on those anti Halbig anti sandy hook researchers sites where all they post are ineffectual silly articles that are only designed for the defaming of sandy hook hoax researchers and those working in the various groups.

    So they realised have now they cannot make it that obvious , for it was obvious that they are all working together sharing videos, points and hate videos attacking individual sandy hook researchers.

    This is why Brendan had to take some comments from his irrelevant series on the old news of Gene Rosen, he has made many many videos in the past and now even now as if anything new , going over old ground on the Rosen tv media story, these vids and are nothing new and he uses them to say he disagrees with wade and had a exclusive debate between wade and himself?
    when in fact all the so called exclusive debate is based upon is just a handful of youtube comments wade left on purpose on hunts boring old media videos from December news feeds of CNN & I CBS etc. Rosen interviews the research community has seen again and again !
    They are irrelevant as Rosen is irrelevant to the official police story
    And so Hunt is careful to say and talk about nothing relevant, and nothing new, as is Wade.

    There is no real debate about the facts on sandy hook
    They stay on irrelevancies and make sure they do

    The sandy hook research community
    Is way ahead and has covered the media stuff way back
    It's old news to use and we know only served as a confusion
    Halbig and the rest of the research community knows that is not how you can successfully prosecute a case for Fraud in the sand hook case

    They all know You have to go to what the authorities did and said afterward
    Aryan empires knows this also
    You have to treat this whole thing as if real and then attack and pull it apart using best evidence.
    For if it was real they are guilty of lies, contradictions and gross negligence Against innocent children and letting them die while laughing about it.

  10. Brendan & Wade continue to hold hands in a circle and teach their few followers about uncle gene rosen's nice little skit.
    They hold hands with their followers and nicely repeat the same tired old theatrical tv advert that leads nowhere, while their followers play nicely and take in their bullshti so called research

    Sometimes uncle wade has to go out in the big wide world and talk to the adults, trying to convince them it is no big deal that swat teams manage to miss town adults stuck in closet for four hours and sweeping the school four times.
    Meanwhile back at aunts Brenda's the children listen to uncle Gene's fairy stories for the millionth time and Aunty Brenda asks, now children did you like watching uncle gene again, good I am glad you liked that now do you want another story about that big bad wolf again?
    He has got a mortgage on his house and I am going to blow that big bad wolfs house down with help from uncle genes fairy dust.

    That is the state of Brendan Hunt and Wades vids effort in finding the truth about sandy hook.

    Long live sandy hook hoax
    Review Manify
    Aryan empires
    Kate slate names not marry
    And all the rest of the real sandy hook researchers

  11. http://therealcolorado.blogspot.com/2014/06/sandy-hookers.html

    Quick get the information on this page Erik


    1. How does Brendan Hunt know anything about ReviewManify's Ass-Hole?

      " This is another bald-faced lie about me which Review Manify pulled out of his cherry red asshole and fed to his 35 thousand subscribe"
      Brendan Hunt

      Cherry baby

    2. There is a denial that Brendan hunt and wade are working together with mr pozner
      But we have a very big clue they are
      The above quote about ReviewManify's cherry and ass hole by Brendan towards Manify
      Has a gay connotation
      ReviewManify was given gay hate speech by someone claiming to be mr pozner
      And now wade vids has depicted the feud between Manify and Brendan as a lovers tiff
      So you can see a meme a pattern being engaged in by the players against review Manify
      That meme is a gay slur
      Brendan is willingly playing along as the middle man in love with Manify
      While mr pozner the mastermind of the gay slur and now wade use it against Manify
      And Brendan is facilitating it by talking about manifesto red virgin asshole
      Cherry red.

  12. http://newtownbee.com/news/news-education/2014/07/02/school-board-celebration-cites-students-new-admini/216204

  13. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B0hNninKxi7ndGZNN2VXRUZxdFU&usp=sharing&tid=0B0hNninKxi7na0VEa3dLR1BIdmM

  14. http://www.xrayultra.com/draft-youtuber-reviewmanify-caught-lying-about-truthers.html

    The above is Brendan's hunt new script
    As he calls it
    The truth is Brendan hunts videos on sandy hook are none revelationary, they are of a personal nature and feature him as the main attraction. Even when he was doing research instead of accusation, his idea was to go to sandy hook itself , which was a good idea and his videos of his two journeys to sandy hook were interesting and exciting to watch, but in the end they turned up nothing and were as useful as wolgang's trip to sandy hook, minus the fact the wolfgang unlike Brendan actually went there to ask real questions publicly , questions that made those involved look criticised for the response on the day, as they rightly should be criticised. And on top of this, wolfgangs trip was backed up by his credentials as a school safety officer.
    Brendan's early attempts and his trips to sandy hook although admirable, were in the end not useful and innafective at uncovering anything about sandy hook
    They were a star vehicle for Brendan hunt and nothing more.
    The views of Erik and the sandy hook hoax page on facebook
    Differ to Tony Meands as regards Wolfgang, but Erik obviously sees the importance of seeing what transpires before he attacks wolfgang outright, even though he may have his own thoughts on who and what Wolfgang is.
    This is not like Brendan hunt, who seems only to attack others who have become the new stars of the sandy hook research community.
    Brendan's work is in the end a complete waste of time, and any points he has made in his earlier videos can be found elsewhere in the video sandy hook hoax ultimate by review Manify for example.

  15. https://www.youtube.com/user/xrayultra/videos

    If you take a look at Brendan hunts research
    What little of it there is
    You can see his video list comprises of a mixture of his occupy Wall Street activities
    A smattering of him in tights doing acting
    Then he makes a movie into the sandy hook and boston bombings
    Which he calls false flags
    And these videos the two major ones
    Have many many views
    But a re comprised of him reading VERBATUM from mainstream media news articles
    While sat in a darkened room for atmosphere
    In short his research is nill
    He just reads form msm sources showing inconsistencies
    This is not the type of real research that other people have done
    Exposing real video evidence concerning boston for example
    The work of peekay is invaluable and involves hours and hours of painstaking examination and cross reference of the boston boming video evidence that has proven FRAUDSTERS and proves it was a smoke bomb
    Anyone can read the newspaper and do not need a four video of Brendan hunt sat in a drained room reading it to them
    Another fault with Brendan is that he is attracted to characters that he sees to be theatrical
    This is why he concentrated so much on gene rosen Brendan is attracted to gene rosen in a way that is very unhealthy for a younger man, as gene rosen is at least in his late 60's
    Why people want to listen to Brendan read out mainstream media news stories for 4 hours is beyond me.
    True researchers examine official reports
    And video evidence
    Brendan hunt is a half hearted truther who real interest is self acclaim showbiz acting and music
    Heroes and 90pop bands
    He should be dismissed and avoided like the plague because seeing he is too lazy to do any real research hence the 4 hour of news stories in a dark room, he has turned to attacking personalities like Wolfgang, sandy hook hoax, Toni mead, Eric Pearson, and review Manify, red pill, radio revolution and odenrok and aryan empires.
    Why bother with Brendan hunt he is theatrical wannabe star , nothing more.
    I have already covered the waste of time his sandy hook visits turned out to be in the end.

    1. Another evidence that Brendan hunt is working with wade and those behind the blogs such as sandy hoaxes ain't bright etc
      Where sandy hook researchers have been stalked and their children attacked and addresses exposed etc
      Is that you never see Brendan hunt being exposed or attacked
      Brendan hunt that has continually called gene rosen a liar
      This is why he concentrated so much on gene rosen Brendan is attracted to gene rosen in a way that is very unhealthy for a younger man, as gene rosen is at least in his late 60's

      So it should be clear to any one that Brendan hunt is protected by wade and mr pozner and those behind such sites as sandy hook truthers are not bright, because Brendan hunt is the man who has attacked gene rosen continually but has not been outed as a stalker of the residents of sandy hook and those involved in it

      So what are they going to do now?
      Any ideas Brendan you agent?

    2. How is it that wades vids and those who run other attack sites such a s sandy hookers ain't bright
      Can attack every researcher in the sandy hook research community and attack Erik Pearson's family and his dead son while NEVER making one criticism of Brendan Hunt who
      Is still making videos calling Gene Rosen a LiAR?
      Outright calling Rosen a liar is ok for wade pozner and the rest of them?
      And it is not a new thing for Brendan to call gene rosen a liar
      Because he did it from the beginning
      Two years ago infact in his 80,000 strong views sandy hook exposed video
      Which unlike other videos does not require you to login to view violent or offensive material
      Does not even require a cookie just a warning you can click!,
      The following content has been identified by the YouTube community as being potentially offensive or graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.
      Continue or Cancel
      So one year ago the most Succeful sandy hook video. Where he casts aspersions on the official medias sandy hook story does not cause wade and the rest of them to include Brendan as one of the main people they need to expose?
      Oh no, they are not going to have Brendan labelled a stalker because he works with them
      It is obvious
      And he is allowed to slander and accuse gene rosen outright without so much a peep out of them or a mention from them on their hate blogs where they attack dead children
      Brendan hunts video series gene rosen IS A LIAR! Part one
      Why haven't they attacked brendon for these videos?
      Because he is with them
      They are agents that's why Brendan hunt is working with the government agents
      Attacking Erik Pearson's dead son!

    3. I know it is difficult
      But really everyone should not engage with Brendan hunt now
      He is spreading his discord even into boston bomb research people
      He is without doubt a threat to success
      Wether you believe he is a paid agent or not
      The best thing to do is do not comment on his let east attack videos
      Do not even watch them
      He feeds off fame
      And even if his is a paid agent his weakness is acclaim and numbers
      So if you can resist it do not watch him
      Do not comment about his bullshit
      This is the most affective weon to use aganist him now
      Totally ignore him
      You can bitch about him and explain all the obvious stuff the main thing being he has never been attacked by those who have strongly organised to attack all the other researchers
      In the sandy hoax chat upcoming if you wish
      I think the above a dive to not give him views and not engage in commenting etc should be said also in that upcoming chat
      Make people aware of what the affects of what he is doing will be
      Division and time wasting
      But they are working on more ways to disrupt and divide don't worry about that
      So don't let them be affective by ignoring totally
      It is the only way to defeat them, of course many fools will follow and many of them are agents themselves, the network will be massive do not be naive.

    4. By the way the powers that be absolutely hate the use of The word hoax being put after everything , they had cornered the word conspriacy but now they don't know how to handle the word hoax

      To them its like something eir advertising men would come. Up with
      They really don't like it
      It's brilliant move that caught them by surprise.

  16. More on Brendan Hunt
    The recent reflation that Brendan Hunts father is a court judge
    Is interesting, seeing Brendan's previous activist activities with the OWLS movement
    As it seems the movement was infiltrated with lawyers
    I found this article that was a intel report on a owls participant that was a lawyer
    And one on a chracter named Brendan
    There is no other name given
    But the auto file linked is gone
    Webster tarpley covered this report
    On Brendan
    And below is the report on the older ore human rights lawyer
    Who was part of owls
    But Brendan hunt main thing at first on his Chanel was all about owls and how he was part of it
    His father is a family courts judge which is interesting indeed as that involved,es children
    As does sandy hook
    Some children from family courts end up in care and could be used therefore as actor children etc
    It is not obvious wade and Leeny etc have not ever attacked Brendan hunt
    I wonder why?

  17. Why didn't wade and the rest attack Brendan hunt

    Some insights

    Maybe the reason the never exposed Brendan hunt and his background is they did not want to do an expose on his fathers job as a family court judge?
    Now Brendan himself has exposed this fact, and he has presented it as a fact that he never has covered up which as far as I am concerned is a lie
    As I was unaware of his father being a family court judge
    But now the great is on Brendan wade he and the others probably knew people would start to dig
    So decided it was better if Brendan himself reported this fact as though it was no secret
    This is I imagine how they work out what to do about their little spy amongst the truthers who was there on day one ready to go do his thing which is basically sit in a dark room and spread the confusion of the mean stream media story and of course to go on and on and on about gene rosen
    Gene rosen who Brendan thanked on video for all the work he has done for the community
    It's there is Brendan's own video lol
    And he admits the guy who gave him a lift was a mason!

  18. Interesting that ows was heavily publicly back by the Roman Catholic and other state run churches
    Children again

  19. Children left in cars are probably hoaxes also

    I noticed the name was Benjamin seitz

    Seitz was the man connected to the Jacob wetterling case
    He was a barber
    And people comment saying you should need a licence from the government to have children
    I mean the stories seem bogus
    Who would forget they have a child in the car and go to work all day and leave them there?

  20. While I appreciate your enthusiasm, please stop replying the same post 5 times each. Every post is moderated. When I read the post I post it. No need to submit it multiple times. Thanks. -Erik-

    1. Another mysterious death and another hunt a budding journalist links to manfredonia
      This time at Fairfield hills
      Sandy Hook Side Research - Fairfield Hills

      And more on Fairfield hills

  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t20cF3To_Q4
    I emailed former Fairfield hills employer

  22. http://web.archive.org/web/20070812225759/http://www.fairfieldhills.com/
    The website of the dead teenager Matthew Hunt RIP his website was all about Fairfield hills where gene rosen worked as a psychologist


    News report on Matthew's unepxapliend and sudden death
    He was taking a drug for back pain though

  23. http://web.archive.org/web/20070518220136/http://www.newtownbee.com/Features.asp?d=Archive2000&s=Features07-03-2003-12-16-54.htm
    Newtown bee the lost article which was a interview with Matthew and his girlfriend about their plans to make a website on the asylum and Newtown's plans for it
    Matthew wanted it to remain a historical site, Newtown wanted to turn. It into a recreational centre and had big plans for it.

    1. It is stated that Matthew interviewd many people related to the once fmsous asylum Fairfield hills on which he was making the website, former employeesof Fairfield hills, Matthew lived in Newtown , I wonder did he interview gene rosen a former psychologist at Fairfield hills for any of his research before he was found dead, no cause yet found?

  24. http://www.rigorousintuition.ca/board2/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=35841&start=1290

    According to a poster on the above forum
    Around the time sandy hook occurred the bcc Norway
    I didn't know they had one ) Norway bring the place they had the teen massacre of lone shooter
    BBC noway was showing this movie at the time sandy hook occurred
    It's called Orion's Belt and was made in 1985
    Watch the opening sequence

  25. Lol now u know
    Throw your guns in the water

  26. Orion, one of the most famous winter constellations, shines bright with the stars Rigel and Betelgeuse taking center stage in Orion's belt

    A winter full of stars was sandy hook

  27. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2bXpNJSNaY
    Unreleased 80's conspiracy movie
    Big hollywood names bill Murray et all

    1. By the way I was not expecting this , but this move's main character is a young man named Adam who finds out everything is basically and illusion, he goes back to live in New York wanting to become an artist but ends up working in a tunnel with a gun, then is taken to a secret room where he is stripped naked and has a ritual done on him, old men smacking their lips as he is put into a furnace, then he is sent to the moon to meet up with a girl to fulfil his destiny
      His aunt sings a song at a a party at the begginning about everything being made up an illusion.
      The cult of old men underground the city of New York , create the illusion of the the real world and offer Adam everything he has ever dreamed of, the movie starts with him having a dream where he is playing a piano concert as a famous pianist, but he doesn't want to go through with the trickery as he knows the piano plays itself, all the old men are disapointed he does not want to go along and fool the audience,
      The end end credits
      Sandy close
      Is a producer
      Then just below her name is a Nancy
      Then titles are by greenwood
      I just thought it very close to the sandy hook meme
      I did not know what it was about until after I posted it
      Seemingly it was never released
      Strange isn't it, so many coincidences?
      The main thing being Adam and his being chosen to bring the big illusion
      Everything being made as an illusion, people commenting life is like nazi Germany, people talking about chips in their head controlling what they say
      And the names
      In the credits
      Sandy close
      And Nancy
      And greenwood

    2. In the movie " nothing lasts forever " which is an illusion to America not lasting forever
      the plot has Adam sent to " the moon"

      This is taken from CIA mind control documents
      And relates the use of hypnosis on a subject

      One successful case involved an Army Service Corps Captain whom we’ll call George Smith. Captain Smith had undergone months of training. He was an excellent subject but did not realize it. I had removed from him, by post-hypnotic suggestion, all recollection of ever having been hypnotized. Outside of myself, Colonel Brown was the only person who could hypnotize Captain Smith. This is “locking.” I performed it by saying to the hypnotized Captain: “Until further orders from me, only Colonel Brown and I can hypnotize you. We will use a signal phrase ‘the moon is clear.’ ” The system is virtually foolproof.


  28. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brendan_Hunt
    Won awards for journalism
    No negative remarks
    Even call sandy hook alleged events
    Just for hunt!
    A glowing profile for Wikipedia usually wiki is very scathing

    For instance although hunt is cited as making the number one viral video on the alleged events of sand hook ( notice ce the working complies and infers hunts journalistic integrity)
    The main page on what they call sandy hook conspiracy theorists
    Does not even link or mention hunt

    Well when you read the body of the text
    You see things like this

    Gene Rosen, a Newtown resident who was reported to have sheltered six Sandy Hook students and a bus driver in his home during the shooting, has been subject to harassment online alleging he was complicit in a government coverup,[34] among other things.[35] Some journalists have cited such incidents as part of a "Sandy Hook Truther Movement" analogous to the 9/11 Truth movement.[36][37][38] A writer for the Calgary Herald reported that the movement self-identifies as "Operation Terror."[28]

    1. Strange isn't it, the sole focus of Brendan hunts research is forever a repeated so called analysis of gene rosen's media statements ,
      And wiki states on hunts seperate page that hunt makes what Wikipedia calls the viral video on sandy hook
      , and yet, in the section calling sandy hook researchers self called operatives of what the Calgary herald calls operation terror, hunt is not mentioned once!

      Why? To protect him of course , seperate him form accusation.
      That is why.
      Just like wade and the rest never question hunt or do exposes on him, hunt the foremost most renowned the media interviewed, hunt the one with his viral sandy hook video all over the media, in papers on the examiner and hunt the one giving media interviews on sandy hook
      Wade and his brigade of disnfo agents choose not to attack him
      No attack on hunt , why?

    2. Does wade hate gene rosen
      Does wade want gene rosen to be continually called a liar for over two years now by Brendan hunt ? Do wade and his company of disfo people that have set up facebooks and blogs slandering sandy hook researchers and saying evil things about ErIks dead children, do they hate Gene Rosen so much that they allow Brendan Hunt to promote his videos calling Gene Rosen a liar for two years and have not once attacked Brendan Hunt?


  29. So who has heard that we call the so called movement
    Operation terror?
    Lol they are saying we are terrorists

  30. If anybody has an account at wiki
    Try to mention that Brendan Hunt is the main viral video maker of this so called operation terror
    By sandy hook researchers
    I bet they won't let his name on that page


  31. What a bunch of lairs
    If anyone has money enough they should sue the Calgary Gerald for saying that we self identifiy as operation terror
    How disgusting they make up total outright lies and get away with it!

  32. The alleged parents are not material witnesses to the alleged deaths of the alleged children
    Nor are they in any way meta rial witnesses to the proof of the circumstances of the alleged deaths of the alleged children.
    In fact the only witness they have made public but not in law is they are the parents of the alleged children and that they say the alleged children were at sandy hook elementary on the day of the alleged event which is a murder case, but that is only via media sources. In the report itself there is no evidence of any alleged victims at all , only allusions to certain persons, but legally the victims would have to be named as actual persons, the report follows no such legalities..


  33. The very fact the official reports lacks all legal identification of any alleged victims, renders it as useless document in regard to providing any legally fit evidence of murder.
    Alternatively, the lack of any legal identification of these alleged victims, leaves the identities of the victims open to anybody you care to think of who has been verified as a real person , either dead or alive.
    The official final report could therefore itself not prove the death hypothetically of anyone fictitious or indeed real
    Say there was a school bus crash on the other eastern coast at the same time of the sandy hook event, by the very nature of the final report lacking all legal protocol as of evidentiary standards, the victims child or not of such a bus crash on the other side of the country, could in fact become the alleged victims in the sandy hook massacre. In shirt the report acts a a fiction in so far as being a legally reliable and officiously useful document to prove anything, it lacks all official standards of proof and therefore is useless as proof of anything, for you cannot have a legged murder without any provable victims, neither can you have a alleged murderer committing such an alleged act of murder

  34. this is too funny! this should be made into a movie, with all its farcical tangle of events. i only wish i had the time to create such baloney!

  35. On Monday, 33-year-old Eric Langlois fell off his mountain bike at Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford. The next day, Langlois’ wife dropped him off at the park to search for his lost bike. He never came home.

    Eric was the Photographer of the drill and st rose of lima, the drill occurred the same day as the sandy hook hoax
    His pictures show police playing the part of shooters with hands up, the same men are later seen stood with police relaxed and conversing.
    The drill at st rose lima was involved in the sandy hook hoax.
    St rose of lima is a Catholic Church and a school
    Eric was found drowned.
    The smiley fake killings all involve drowning of young men
    This has been linked to St. John's mn college where 2 victims, one dead and the other still missing, were traced to the St. John's abbey grounds and interiours
    There are many many so called victims of the smiley face killers who end up drowned
    A link has been made between the m.o of the drowning s and St. John's monks writing on alchemy sites , alchemy rituals being links the ritualistic drownings via alchemical prints depicting young men being drowned in rivers, a commonality, and a link to St. John's,

    the commonality being these ritualistic alchemical prints depicting the drowning of young men in rivers to ovarian the philosophers stone, deep it the drowning of the little kings, or princes. And so many of the actual victims names correlate to this little king, prince categorisation, is it just a remarkable coincidence?

    Eric is just one name that means prince, hence a little king. Ryan is another name that means prince or little king,Brendan is another that means the same thing.
    There are a names that relate to this alchemical ritual , but the names that refer directly to this little king figure, turn up again and again in the smiley face killer victim list
    There is a great blog on this subject that has been going for years, it is called footprints at the rivers edge.
    The alchemy site called levity has posting by learned st john's monks, experts on the subject who have wort ten books on the subject.
    A dog traced 2 victims to their abbey.

    On Monday, 33-year-old Eric Langlois fell off his mountain bike at Lovers Leap State Park in New Milford. The next day, Langlois’ wife dropped him off at the park to search for his lost bike. He never came home.

  36. Eric's photos showing the drill at st rose lima school and church or near it

    1. Well, his bike wreck was hard enough to crack his helmet, so he could have had a hemotoma, which can take 24hrs to manifest. That sside, to believe the hoax, you must believe his wife was in on it. Hell, she probably wasn't even pregnant. Right?
      I know a grief counselor who went up the week of Christmas and counseled the families. A whole group went up. That's some attention to detail. Oh, and the reporter lost his job as part of a media company wide layoff. The parent company owns multiple papers. Hey, something like 55 people who knew the Clintons are dead and 116 people who were on the grassy knoll and the plaza in 63 were all dead within 3yrs.

  37. Lt Vance was the CT State Police Spokesman until folks realized he was lying about the fake Sandy Hook "shooting." At that point, CT suddenly reassigned Vance to the Traffic Division in FEB 2015.

    Newtown was a gun-grab Hoax, designed to trick Americans out of their AR-15 rifles.

    Was Obama's SSN stolen from Harrison Bounel (died in NEWTOWN CT, 1978)?
    (DETAILS HERE): http://ppsimmons.blogspot.ca/2015/01/sandy-hook-death-records-show-obama-may.html


    Governor Malloy can't explain why he locked down ALL Death Certificates for the entire State of CT (to conceal Sandy Hoax).