Thursday, July 31, 2014

Who Is Being Harassed?

Here is just a brief sample of some of the harassment the administrators of Sandy Hook Hoax get every day.  These are from the blog. We also get various personal emails, Facebook PM's, Twitter DM's and phone calls. We receive threatening phone calls and emails at the places we work.

Everything from veiled threats to posting the names and addresses of our family members. One even made a threat against my daughter's first grade teacher. Some have claimed we are deprived because some of us post under a pseudonym...... Yet they send these messages ANONYMOUSLY. 

Sandy Hook Hoax does not condone or endorse harassment of any kind. 

Now. You tell ME who is being harassed.

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  1. Disgusting group of comments. No doubt the same people who send these vile and hateful messages are at the same time pretending to care about victims' families, and lamenting about how awful it is that they are being "harassed" ( translation: A national news story is examined and discussed on a facebook page--a facebook page that they would never even know exists unless they sought it out- and the people discussed have made themselves public figures by appearing repeatedly in the media spotlight.) Furthermore, even if one wanted to try and compare the two, scrutinizing public information is a far cry from the sick and disgusting messages shown in this post. The two cannot even be compared.


  3. Fellows I feel for u, believe me, BUT note u wouldn't be getting this sort of response if u weren't doing outstanding work--don't forget that.

    Another thing is FBI et al., all know perfectly well WHO these scum are sending u this stuff. So if it's any consolation, just think of it as ZOG's way of telling u u're doing work that's effective, informative, and quite accurate. Keep it up. A.

  4. Whoah ho ho--what happened?--u didn't publish my comment because it had "ZOG" in it?--that's big part of ur problem, if that's the case, scared of ur own shadow, eh? Well, now we know serious weak-pt. for u--afraid of Jews?--then Jews are gonna hammer u, comrade.


  5. Half-Assed Isn't Cutting It--Either Give-Up Or Get A Life, Eh? Ho Ho Ho Ho

    As long as u show u're scared, the people behind this harassment will--are guaranteed to--continue doing it.

    Do u doubt NSA knows who's doing the harassment? Did u know all NSA data is turned over to Israel without US even going over it? Who's working for who?--ho ho ho

    Did u know Israel is KNOWN to hiring trolls to doing precisely the sort of thing that's happening to u?

    Where do u think the money comes fm to pay these people?--it's just printed (and digitalized) up by US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEIT scam--who do u think controls it?--could it possibly be . . . (whisper) Jews? Ho ho o ho ho

    U're perfect example of half-assed "patriots" and "truthers"--and it goes to show just how PERFECTLY Jews have u programmed, "pegged," trained, intimidated, and totally scared shitless, even of ur own shadow.

    Yes, if u came-out against Jews, u'd probably lose ur web-site, given the excellent traffic u get--that's why u'd have to use "code" for Jews which is "Zionist," which sometimes gets by--as if there's any real diff. btwn the two.

    Poor u--u do good work, we try to compliment u, but then we find out what half-ass cowards u really are--it's why USA still has lots to go for down-ward trend it's presently on--too many trembling, limp-wristed masochists like u who defend the very Jew puke who enjoy intimidating u, they knowing they OWN u, ho ho ho ho ho.

  6. Ok--I admit, perhaps I spoke too quick--good work, fellows. I have to admit u're NOT cowards--I rather jumped to regrettable conclusion.

    Looks like Jim Fetzer over at "Veterans Today" has really put some conclusive commentary on this Sandy Hook episode--we got serious traitors as leaders in gov.

    Take good care, comrades. A.

  7. I was in the mountains since Friday. Had no service. Wasn't able to post anything until this afternoon. No worries.

    1. Thanks for ur understanding; u set excellent example which I find may be good thing for me myself to follow, good comrade. My honest excuse is I guess I just got a little wound-up, eh?--too ready then to jump to a conclusion. But thanks again for all ur excellent efforts and example, too. I assure u I've learned something here. Take care. A.

  8. Great work... Every day is one step closer to exposing this for the hoax it is!


    Manfredonia Statement - Book 5 Document Number -00014498
    Officer McGowan Statement - Book 6 Document Number - 00260187
    Officer Buckowski Statement - Book 6 - Documents Number 00001362

    1. THE "OFFICIAL" Story on Chris Manfredonia:

    The official story states that Chris Manfredonia was an ordinary parent that arrived imminently after the shooting to join in gingerbread house activities with his daughter's class. He heard pop pop pop, smelled sulfur, saw the broken glass and realized there was a shooting. He tried to call 911 and report the incident. He ran around the side of the school trying to get to his daughter. He was running toward Crestwood, with his cell phone in his hand, when confronted by Officer McGowan who ordered him to get down on the ground multiple. Manfredonia did not respond initially but ultimately complied.
    The police determined that he was in fact a parent and eventually released him.

    2: The Suspicious circumstances associated with Chris Manfredonia:

    A. Manfredonia lives literally right behind Adam Lanza just a few
    hundred feet away. Why wasn't this reported and wouldn't
    somebody think to ask him to what extent he knew the Lanza's?

    B. There is no evidence that he ever dialed 911, no record of the
    call being dialed or connected.

    C. It was reported but unconfirmed that he has a daughter named
    Alexa that was in Kaitlin Roig's class. Roig's class was not
    attacked despite that it is the very first classroom in the hall and
    was unlocked.

    D. At the time of Officer McGowan's arrival Manfredonia was
    running toward Crestwood street. This was imminently after
    teachers reported 2 shadows running by the gym and also after
    the first wave of shooting heard over the 911 calls.

    E. Manfredonia stated that he was trying to reach his daughter
    however why would he be expecting to find her on Crestwood
    street? This is especially irregular if in fact it can be verified that
    his daughter was in Roig's class because it is at the very front of the building and he could have looked in the window, instead he was running toward the back of the building away from the school.

    F. There is a gate with a lock and chain that opens onto
    Crestwood street. Officer Buckowski discovered and reported
    that the lock and chain had been cut.

    G. Dickinson drive is a long single access road into the school
    parking lot. Anyone planning an attack on the school would
    know that escaping back out through Dickinson would be
    impossible. Any planned escape would most certainly be out
    to Crestwood or through the woods. Hence Manfredonia was
    running precisely toward the best escape route after the first
    wave of shooting and the locked gate had been cut and
    unsecured in advance.

    H. At 2:05 on this video there were tweets that a student's father
    was the shooter. Chris Manfredonia ?

    I. There were reports that the shooter had an argument with 4
    staff members the preceding day, 3 of whom were killed. Was
    Chris Manfredonia the individual that had the argument?

    Now with these facts and issues in mind do you believe that Chris Manfredonia should be examined in more scrutiny ?

  10. Casey McLeod had his Face Book account purged and censored. I guess he must have been on to something huh ?

    I found this quite compelling:

  11. Conspicuous Omissions from the radio time line:

    Omissions from radio transmission time line:
    (1) 9:49:09 am "shots fired 3 minutes ago"
    (2) 9:55:44 am "Take the life of Adam"
    (3)11:10:45 am Be on lookout for maroon van with masked suspects
    (4) 11:16:56 am Suspects in van wearing masks- nun outfit

  12. The most compelling element of concern is that there is clear evidence of multiple assailants.

    A man was observed in cuffs in the parking lot and reported by at least 4 law enforcement personnel in their statements.
    This man did not have an explanation for why he was there nor did he have a reason to be there.
    This man was described as wearing a brown jacket which is precisely consistent with the description of the shooter by one of the child witnesses.

    I have yet to find the documentation that identified the relevant facts leading to the apprehension of this man. I was unable to ascertain which officer, or officers, identified this man, where he was caught and under what circumstances.

    A. What we have been able to ascertain in the case file documentation is the following:

    1. The man in cuffs was observed with other “officers” by Lt. Vanghele, Detective VanNess, Sgt Signore and Officer Heibeck
    2. VanNess stated that she observed him almost immediately after she arrived on the scene at 10:01:42. So obviously he was identified and apprehended before that time.

    B. Other observations that may apply:

    1. Penna was escorting a man in cuffs at 10:02:41 but he apparently makes no reference to this in his official statement. Was this the New York man in cuffs taken to the Newtown police department?

    2. At 9:49:16- Cario, Kick and Bahamonde responded to a potential 2nd shooter by the playscape. Cario’s statement notes that he went outside but makes no reference of an encounter and that he was back in a minute. Kick’s statement appears to make no reference at all. I cannot find Bahamonde’s statement.

    3. Fox News Initially reported that a second shooter was taken into custody and that SWAT was deployed to his house and that a body was found there. That report was halted and purged in mid broadcast.

    4. In Vanghele’s statement he directs two Brookfield Officers to search the man’s car. The Lt Vanghele made a rather amazing comment. He did not know the outcome of the search of the man’s car. Can you imagine that Lt Vanghele would not be interested about the outcome of that search? Apparently the outcome was such that it warranted the handcuffed man a visit to the Newtown PD.

  13. Lt Vanghele was aware that the subject was released from custody and was apparently satisfied with the explanation that the man had an APP that directed him to the school. Would you expect more exculpatory information that that ? Even if that was a reasonable explanation for being there, which it is not, why didn’t the man explain his “APP” story initially? Remember he was there for hours and had no explanation to provide.

    C. Police Statement Documentation References Book 6:
    1. Lt. Vanghele document 00002060
    2. Detective VanNess document 00001113
    3. Sgt Signore document 0040428
    4. Officer Heibeck document 00040345
    5. Officer Penna document 00258036
    6. Sgt Cario document 00026724
    7. Officer Kick document 00258277
    8. Child Witness document 00258277

    D. The children witnesses describe the shooter as "a man the age of a Dad", "wearing army type clothes", "wearing a brown jacket" - Interestingly enough that 3 men were apprehended outside the school- a father ( Chris Manfredonia), a man in camo (apparently an armed off duty SWAT officer from another town) and a man in a brown jacket.

    Natalie Hammond stated that the shooter wore a mask and there was a radio transmission to be on the lookout (BOLO) for a purple van with suspects wearing a mask and a nun outfit.
    E. DNA Evidence at the Lanza home matched a New York registered felon. A New York Area man was apprehended at the school and could not explain why he was there.

    New York registered felon New York State Police Investigation Center DB#10011106A
    F. The Newtown Bee, Andrew Gorosko, reported that an armed tactical weapons officer from another town was in the woods.

    Natalie Hammond stated that the shooter wore a mask and there are radio transmissions searching for suspects in a van wearing a ski mask.

    Barbara Halstead said that the shooter wore sun glasses yet no such sun glasses were reported at the scene. Halstead also has 5 different stories about how the shooter got in the building.